Manager, Ship Engineer

Company Info

Name: ABS

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Job Details

Location: Houston, TX

Job Type: Full-time

Min Education: BA/BS Undergraduate

Min Experience: 7 years

Required Travel: TBD

Date Posted: 07/15/2015


Oversee day-to-day activities of Ship Engineering Department personnel as well as the maintenance of the quality, content, consistency and continuity of all technical work performed in the department. Establish policies, procedures and standards for the assigned engineering department. Promote the services and capabilities of the ship engineering department to customers and potential clients. Provide oversight and guidance to engineering staff regarding consistent criteria interpretation, consistent criteria application, quality service and contract commitments. Resolve conflicts, within the framework of established policies and procedures, which may arise on technical issues. Seek resolution of any issues not in conformance with established policies and procedures. Direct or assist in Rule development projects assigned to the department. Provide day-to-day management leadership of engineering staff and monitors the delivery of quality service and customer support. Monitor short- and long-term manpower needs of the department and reports expected changes. Make recommendations for the selection of personnel to fill vacancies. Draft performance appraisals and assesses development potential of department personnel and makes appropriate recommendations for compensation adjustments within the guidelines established for approved business plans and budgets. Identify department training needs and sees that such needs are fulfilled within the framework of existing policies, procedures, plans and budgets. Realize financial aspects of approved business plans and budgets pertaining to the department. Ensure that all ABS Quality System requirements with regard to technical work within the Department are fulfilled. 

Application Instructions

Apply online at

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