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Name: HMS Ferries Inc

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Location: New York, New York, 10004, United States

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Min Education: H.S. Diploma/Equivalent

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Date Posted: 09/18/2015


HMS Global Maritime is respected internationally for providing marine management services, including overnight cruises, ferry operations, governmental contracts, and consulting. HMS Global Maritime has set the standard for professionalism, business ethics and performance in marine management and consulting services.

HMS Ferries, Inc. currently seeks an experienced Chief Engineer for our Governor's Island Passenger/Auto Ferry operation in New York City, NY.  Qualified candidates are responsible for the operation and maintenance of all vessel machinery and systems.  The Chief Engineer performs duties related to passenger safety, passenger service, vessel operations, and preventative maintenance.  Duties also include assisting with the coordination and implementation of vessel maintenance and repair activities, operating and maintaining equipment within manufacturers’ specifications and maintaining logs and paperwork associated with vessel maintenance.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS – the following are essential functions of the position, yet not all inclusive.

Top Priorities

  • Remain true to and champion the Company’s Core Values and Code of Conduct.
  • Safety First – Safety shall remain the highest priority at all times. Be an active advocate of, and participant in, the HMS Safety Culture.
  • Consider reliability and efficiency with regard to Company operations.

Safety and Security

  • Ensure safe and clean engine rooms; ensure safe and clean work areas
  • Establish, implement and maintain task lists and USCG inspection checklist
  • Conduct safety drills, safety meetings, procedures, and provide technical assistance and instruction to crewmembers
  • Participate in onboard training and routine drills
  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of all phases of shipboard safety procedures and knowledge of location and use of all firefighting and safety equipment (i.e. fire extinguishers, life preservers, work vest)
  • Use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Handle and dispose of all chemicals and other types of hazardous or caustic materials in compliance with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) (as required)
  • Inspect safety equipment to verify location, condition, and markings are in compliance with USCG requirements; assist USCG in annual inspections of safety equipment; and enforce safety and USCG navigational laws
  • Report safety related concerns


  • Assist with filling water, bunkering fuel, connecting and disconnecting shore power as directed
  • Supervise and mentor junior engineers and maintenance personnel
  • Ensure daily, weekly, monthly and/or hourly preventative maintenance as required
  • Manage, maintain and operate non-mechanical systems of the vessel or vessels within the legal requirements of the USCG and other pertinent regulatory agencies as well as mechanical systems
  • Responsible for compilation, review and maintenance of systems and maintenance logs
  • Prepare part specifications, locate distributors or vendors for custodial supplies, linens, paint, equipment and tools; maintain inventories needed for operation of mechanical and non-mechanical systems
  • Defer to, and act in support of “the vessel” in the event of a real or simulated emergency
  • Ensure that discharge sewage and oily water are in accordance with all regulations
  • Engage in hands-on repairs and improvement projects as workload and criticality requires
  • Participate in meetings as required by the Master
  • Seek the highest levels of quality and professionalism
  • Work to achieve the highest levels of performance and productivity
  • Seek continuous improvement

Human Resources (HR)

  • Understand the Employee Handbook and adhere to policies
  • Comply with rules and regulations contained in the Handbook and as directed by Supervisor including, but not limited to:
    • Report to work on time and ready for duty;
    • Depart the vessel(s) only when properly relieved;
    • Ensure that the proper uniform is worn and grooming standards are met;
    • Complete required administrative forms clearly and accurately, including Accident/Incident Reports and any/all other required HR forms/processes

Management Systems

  • Understand and comply with the Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Understand and comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Maintain Crew Qualification binder

Regulatory Compliance

  • Collaborate with other HMS personnel to remain attentive to regulatory requirements and alert to regulatory changes.
  • Assist Master in ensuring compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal safety and environmental regulations.
  • Assist Master in ensuring vessel is in an inspection-ready condition at all times.

Client Relations

  • Present professional level of customer service and appearance to all clients, both internal and external.

Administration / Financial  

  • Ensure that all spending is approved, conscientious, careful and focused


  • Report all deficiencies to the Master.

Other Duties  

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Rotating 2 week stint (Negotiable).

Application Instructions

Apply through website

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