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Name: Maritant

Contact Email: hello@maritant.com

Website: www.maritant.com

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Date Posted: 03/14/2014


Provides guidance and subject matter expertise to engineers on testing and Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies and processes
* Works with Maritant's software engineer, data entry specialists, and vendor clients to drive improvements in equipment data quality via manual and automated testing
* Responsible for managing the client data, implementation, and integration of quality manufacturer data into the design and development of software and directory process
* Involved in the review of requirements specifications for weaknesses in function, performance, reliability, scalability, testability, usability, and security and compliance testing, and provides recommendations
* Plans and defines testing approach, providing advice on prioritization of testing activity in support of identified risks in present and future category uploads or test scenarios 
* Develops test plans, testing resource requirements, and overall scheduling of testing activity
* Responsible for developing manual and automated test cases and configurations needed to meet testing of business requirements
* Executes test cases/scripts to ensure delivery of quality data uploads
* Monitors and tracks resolution of inaccuracies, coordinating with data specialists in order to prevent, report, and resolve inaccuracies
* Designs, monitors, and analyzes quality assurance metrics such as defect, defect counts, test results, and test status
* Identifies opportunities to adopt innovative technologies
* This “rebel with a cause" looks beyond the obvious for continuous improvement opportunities


This high energy Quality Assurance Engineer must have:

* 3+ years of experience in marine engineering, with an emphasis on system design, and proven ability in writing test cases, running functional, automated, or performance tests, and managing inaccuracies
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Ability to effectively interpret technical and business objectives and challenges
* Ability to think abstractly and deal with ambiguous/under-defined problems
* Demonstrated willingness to learn new technologies and takes pride in how fast they develop working software
* Bachelor's or master's degree in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or other technical discipline, or equivalent work experience, is preferred
* Ability to enable business capabilities through innovation is a plus
* Experience with coding across a variety of platforms (Ruby on Rails, JAVA, HTML5, XML) is a plus
* Experience with Excel

Application Instructions

Contact Chris at hello@maritant.com for additional information

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