Data Quality Assurance Manager

Company Info

Name: Maritant

Contact Email:


Job Details

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Job Type: Full Time

Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate

Min Experience: NA

Required Travel: NA

Date Posted: 07/26/2014


They say there’s no such thing as perfect, but you know that’s because they’re doing it wrong. If spotting errors and finding flaws were a game, you would win with one eye closed. BOOM.

Your uncontrollable need to point out others’ “FAIL” moments might explain why you were picked last in gym class, but no matter – now it’s your turn to be MVP. We need your sharp eye to spot mistakes so we can score a perfect product.

To make things fun for you, we’ve dropped a couple of errors in this job description. So as they say, “Play ball!” (Bonus points if you spot errors we didn’t even notice we made, you Quality Assurance master, you.)

What we’re looking for

MARITANT is looking for a Data Quality Assurance Manager to join its amazing team. We have a website used by thousands of customers worldwide, and we want to make sure each and every one of them has an amazing experience acquiring accurate data.

In this role, you’ll be the guardian of our outstanding customer experience. You will able to dive into many aspects of marine equipment specifications, manage a multi-discipline / multi-national team of specialists, lead & monitor the equipment data upload process, define & re-define the Maritant strategy for impotesting new features and functionality, and be responsible for quantifying and improving data quality across our entire site. Your job is to keep our ridiculously high-quality bar set ridiculously high, and to help us identify and execute ways to raise it even higher.

You our are ideal candidate if you want to work on challenging problems with smart people. You have a keen attention to detail and are exceptionally good at identifying inconsistencies and flaws. You can juggle several balls and not lose track of the little things. You’re looking for a role with substantial opportunities to learn, grow, and take on more (the good news is, we have that stuff in spades!).

You also meet most (if not all) of the following requirements:

  • Education is ALWAYS great. Enrolled in or have completed your B.S. engineering or a related field (or the equivalent experience of such a degree).
  • Possible, management & experience can supercede education.
  • A passion for technology and a knack for details.
  • Ability to create test plans, define testing strategies, and get a kick out of uncovering those hard-to-find bugs.
  • Experience with Java or another object-oriented programming language is a super plus.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, definitely a MUST. We're loud, we ecourage you to be awesome.
  • Excitement and passion for the Marine / Shipbuilding Industry. We’re cool; we hope you are too.
  • Experience with SQL and databases is a plus.
  • A mega PLUS - Programming experience in a Linux/Unix environment. We mostly use Ruby.

Application Instructions

Email your resume to Stuckey at the email provided. 

Manufacturers & Distributors

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Engineers & Designers

We listened - sourcing equipment is a pain and comparing equipment data online is impossible. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to fix that.

Shipyards & Vessel Owners

We listened - calling, emailing and faxing numerous Vendors creates long exhaustive days. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful platform to streamline communication.