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Name: Canal Barge Company, INC

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Job Details

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Job Type: Full Time

Min Education: B.A./B.S. in business-related degree preferred

Min Experience: Five years offshore and inland experience preferred

Required Travel: NA

Date Posted: 09/16/2014


Coordinate and respond to bids as assigned, and execute committed projects according to agreed-upon customer service, risk, and profitability standards. 


The Project Manager has the overriding authority to fully perform all the responsibilities and duties assigned to this position:
1. Keep the Account Manager informed about status and issues that may impact client relations for assigned projects.
2. Use project scheduling and control tools to monitor projects plans, work hours, budgets and expenditures.
3. Determine optimum logistics to manage and complete each project. 
4. Effectively and accurately communicate relevant project information to the client and project team.
5. Execute project kickoff meetings to ensure all information is collected and all parties are connected on start dates and other important information.
6. Attend client meetings and assist with determination of project requirements.
7. Ensure clients’ needs are met in a timely and cost effective manner.
8. Track any issues or required changes in projects to execute on our commitments, and manage change notices, notify the appropriate personnel, and seek authorization for meaningful changes that impact cost, timing or service delivery.
9. Control costs as estimated in the signed agreement, particularly major cost categories such as towing, barge rental and fleeting.
10. Maintain up-to-date and accessible files on bids and projects.
11. Build financial models for each project and present to Senior Project Manager or other designated authorization for approval.
12. Possess general knowledge of waterways, including height and width restrictions, equipment capabilities, and availability.
13. Develop and maintain acceptable rate structures and contractual agreements for all aspects of project services activities.
14. Receive all incoming bids and ensure information and bid is submitted to internal and external customers expediently.
15. Educate the client on CBC’s value-add services across all lines of business, as well as the most safe, cost-effective and efficient means of meeting their business needs.
16. Issue Contracts and Purchase Orders for third party services.
17. Ensure timely and proper Invoicing of the customer according to agreed-upon contract, including required backup documentation, and ensure timely and proper payment from the customer.
18. Select vendors/suppliers to help CBC best meet the customers’ needs in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner, as approved by the Senior Project Manager and our Vendor Management process. 
19. Carry out the Business Philosophy, Code of Conduct, and mission of Canal Barge Company.
20. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Project Manager or other authorized CBC management representative.


The Project Manager is appointed by the Vice President – Marketing (Deck) or his delegee and reports to the Senior Project Manager.


1.  Three years bidding experience.
2.  Five years offshore and inland experience preferred.
3.  B.A./B.S. in business-related degree preferred.

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