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Name: Canal Barge Company, INC

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Job Details

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Job Type: Full Time

Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate

Min Experience: Two years experience in a maritime field

Required Travel: Some travel required

Date Posted: 09/16/2014


A. Seek, build, maintain, and grow customer relationships that meet the Deck Barge Marketing department’s target customer profile while providing best-in-class customer service.  
B. Build CBC’s brand as a provider of customized logistics solutions in a diverse range of services and pass along contacts to other CBC business units to help build our entire portfolio of customer relationships.


The Sales Representative has the overriding authority to fully perform all the responsibilities and duties assigned to this position:
A. Marketing & Sales
1. Understand, assist in the development of, support, and execute on the Deck Barge Sales Plan, departmental goals & objectives, and individual goals & objectives.
2. Seek, build, maintain and grow Deck Barge customer relationships as assigned.  Build deep and multi-level relationships to ensure the long-term stability and growth potential of customers.
3. Prospect new leads and existing relationships to sell company services at prices, volumes, and in patterns that enhance and strengthen CBC's position in the marketplace.
4. Collaborate with Project Management partner to plan for and execute projects according to agreed-upon commitments.
5. Look for targeted Barge Rental opportunities, and work with the Sales Manager and Fleet Manager to pick the right barges and to properly execute and close out rentals.
6. Assist in analyzing new business opportunities and establishing targets for development into customers.
7. Understand CBC’s value proposition in the marketplace, and market the full range of CBC services to targeted customers.
8. Monitor our competition and the industries that we serve, providing intelligence back to the department to assist in our strategic and tactical planning.
9. Recommend changes in service offerings to meet market demand where needed, and highlight and address service deficiencies to resolve problems and prevent issues in the future.
10. Attend and actively participate in industry conferences, associations, and marketing events to develop leads, form and strengthen relationships, and stay abreast of market trends.
B. Administrative
1. Conform to the requirements of the Marketing Procedures Manual in executing all contracts, contacts, and inter-office reports and policies.
2. Complete all reports and provide information required to measure status and judge performance against plan. These can include daily call reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analysis.
3. Stay informed of the current state of CBC Deck Barge markets, and watch for trends and/or predictions from CBC markets and customers. Advise the Marketing department of market trends, rate levels, and customer status on an on-going and frequent basis.  Ensure that this information is captured in a format that can be summarized and analyzed by decision-makers.
4. Provide internal analysis of projects to include pre-project planning and post-project analysis.
D. Corporate 
1. Build CBC’s brand as a provider of customized logistics solutions in a diverse range of services and pass along contacts to other CBC business units to help build our entire portfolio of customer relationships.
2. Carry out the Business Philosophy, Code of Conduct, and mission of Canal Barge Company.
3. Perform other duties as assigned by the Deck Cargo Sales Manager, Vice President of Business Development, or Vice President of Marketing (Deck).


The Deck Barge Sales Representative is appointed by & reports to the Deck Barge Sales Manager.  The Sales Representative works closely with the entire Deck Barge Sales Team, and must partner with the Deck Barge Project Management group to achieve best-in-class customer service.


Five years in marketing with a marine company, or 2 years experience and a college degree in a maritime field, logistics, or business. This position will be based in the New Orleans, LA office.

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