Lead Crane Mechanic

Company Info

Name: Gulf Crane Services

Contact Email: joalmann@gulfcraneservices.com

Website: http://gulfcraneservices.com

Job Details


Job Type:

Min Education:

Min Experience:

Required Travel:

Date Posted: 04/18/2014


Certified Crane Mechanic familiar with API RP 2D Latest Edition regulations, offshore pedestal cranes, BSEE & SEMS regulations, qualified Class A operator, Rigger and Inspector. Experience in working with hydraulics, replacing winches, wire rope, hooks, blocks, anti-2-blocks, booms, pins, sheaves, ball rings, pendant lines, and working on various brands and models in an offshore environment. Along with mechanical experience must be able to perform pre-use, quarterly and annual inspections. Will need to know how to perform pull test. Must be familiar with the API 2D 6th
edition regulations and PINC list. Must have 3 years experience offshore. Will travel and be expected to go offshore for extended periods of time.

Application Instructions

Please print and fill out the application, and submit your application and resume to:

joalmann@gulfcraneservices.com or Fax (985) 809-1204

Please designate which job you are applying for.

* Offshore worker applicants do not have to reside in Louisiana.

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