0 Thumb 502

502 - Auxiliary Machinery

General Auxiliary Machinery

126 Thumb 503

503 - Pumps

General Pumps

0 Thumb 504

504 - Instruments & Instrument Boards

General instruments and instrument boards

25 Thumb 511

511 - Compartment Heating System

Convection heaters, covers, duct heaters, gral special purpose systems furnishings, compartment heating system, special purpose system outfit, radiant heaters, regulators, shields thermostats (heaters only), unit heaters

282 Thumb 512

512 - Ventilation System

Closure, damper assemblies, duct closures, exhaust system, fan bellmouths, fans, filters, flame arrestors, hoods, louvers (natural ventilation openings only), operating gear, plenums, screens, spools, supply system, terminals, turns, ventilation system, ventilators

0 Thumb 513

513 - Machinery Space Ventilation System

Machinery space ventilation system, submarines ventilations syst. Contains items similar to those in element 512

90 Thumb 514

514 - Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning sys, self contained air conditioning units, chill water sys, chillers, closure operating gear, compressors, condensers, dehydrator, duct closures, duct cooling coils, expansion tanks, fan bellmouths, fan-coil units, fans, flanges, gravity cooling coils, heat exchangers, hoods, humidistats, moisture indicator, mufflers, plenums, precipitators, receivers, refrigerant piping, screens, sea water cooling system (independent), sight flow indicator, strainers, terminals, thermometers, thermostats (cooling or cooling and heating), turns, unit coolers

0 Thumb 515

515 - Air Revitalization Systems (Submarines)

Amine storage tanks, analyzers, chlorate candles, CO and H2 burners, CO2 scrubbers, O2 distribution system, O2 generation system, O2 storage

0 Thumb 516

516 - Refrigeration System

Coil supports, coils, compressors, condensers, defrosting equipment, diffusers, fans, freeze tanks, gravity cooling coils, heat exchangers, junction boxes, muffler, receivers, refrigerant piping, refrigerating plants, refrigeration controls, refrigeration distribution, regulators, strainers, thaw tanks, thermostats

0 Thumb 517

517 - Auxiliary Boilers & Other Heat Sources

Boiler air intake ducts, boiler uptakes, reboilers, waste heat recovery boilers, auxiliary boilers, condensate tanks, drain tanks, feed tanks, auxiliary heat generators (all), strainers, waste heat system

4 Thumb 521

521 - Firemain & Flushing (Sea Water) System

Applicators, firemain system, fittings, flushing system, hose racks, hoses, instruments, nozzles, shore connections, spanner wrenches, spray heads, strainers, system segregation turbines,

0 Thumb 522

522 - Sprinkler System

Automatic controls, fittings, instruments, spray heads, sprinkler system, strainers, test castings

0 Thumb 523

523 - Washdown System

Fittings, hose racks, hoses instruments, nozzles, spray heads, strainers, test castings, washdown syst.

0 Thumb 524

524 - Auxiliary Sea Water System

Auxiliary sea water syst. This element contains all sea water cooling of condensers, heat exchanges, coolers and machinery not covered by dedicated system in elements 256, 342, 514, and 521 thru 523; also thrust and line shaft stern tube bearings cooling system; also cooling of the air ejector and gland exhaust condensers when not cooled by element 256. This system supplies sea water to and from, but does not include distilling plants(531), air conditioning plants(514), diesel generators(342)

0 Thumb 526

526 - Scuppers & Deck Drains

Deck drains, scuppers, strainers. This element includes the piping from scuppers and deck drains to overboard discharge or to discharge point at the main drainage or plumbing drain systems.

0 Thumb 527

527 - Firemain Actuated Services - Other

Countermeasure piping system, firemain actuated services, fog system, spray nozzles.

3 Thumb 528

528 - Plumbing Drainage

Deodorizers, drain piping from a/c and ventilation drains (except submarine), decontamination station drains, disposal units, drinking fountains, frozen, chilled, and thawed stores drains, galley precipitator, lavatories, photo dosimeter film developing tank, shower and deck drains, sinks, trash compactor unit, urinals, washing machines, water closets. Also includes plumbing drainage, vents.

0 Thumb 529

529 - Drainage & Ballasting System

Ballasting system, bilge stripping system, damage control ballast sys, damage control flooding sys, drainage sys, tank stripping sys.

0 Thumb 531

531 - Distilling Plant

Air ejectors, chemical injection system, condensate coolers, condensers, Distilling plant complete, electric distilling plants, steam distilling plants, evaporators, heaters, meters, salinity indicators, sampling equipment, tank manifolds

0 Thumb 532

532 - Cooling Water

Air escapes, chilled water system when not built-in to a component or part of another system, electronic equipment fresh water cooling system, cooling water system, heat exchangers, manifolds, meters, non-built-in tanks, sounding tubes

19 Thumb 533

533 - Potable Water

Distilled water service, drinking water service, food preparation service, food serving service, fresh water flushing system, fresh water sanitary service, fresh water service, items such as those listed in element 532, laundry service system, potable water system from tank to fixture, scullery service.

0 Thumb 534

534 - Auxiliary Steam & Drains Within Machinery Box

Accumulators, auxiliary steam drain (or lp steam drain) within machinery box, Auxiliary steam system within machinery box, boiler escape and blow system, external desuperheaters, fresh water drain collecting system, gland seal regulators, turbine gland exhaust sys, turbine gland leak off system, turbine gland seal steam system, turbine shaft packing.

0 Thumb 535

535 - Auxiliary Steam & Drains Outside Machinery Box

Associated items such as those listed in element 534, atmospheric exhaust, auxiliary steam and drains outside machinery box, fresh water steam drains, high and low pressure drain system, whistle and siren steam drains

0 Thumb 536

536 - Auxiliary Fresh Water Cooling

Components similar to those in element 532, auxiliary fresh cooling water, submarine battery cooling water system

22 Thumb 537 filter

537 - Filters & Separators

Filters for gas, water, lubricants, & fuel. Filtration products, separators.

1 Thumb 541

541 - Ship Fuel & Fuel Compensating System

Ship fuel system, ship compensating fuel system, and associated chemicals and lubricants

0 Thumb 542

542 - Aviation & General Purpose Fuels

Aviation fuel system, general purpose fuel system

0 Thumb 543

543 - Aviation & General Purpose Lubricating Oil

General purpose lube oil system, aviation lube oil system, and related chemicals

0 Thumb 544

544 - Liquid Cargo

Liquid cargo system

0 Thumb 545

545 - Tank Heating

Tank heating system

11 Thumb 546

546 - Auxiliary Lubrication Systems

Outboard lubrication, Inboard lubrication (maintenance purpose only)

62 Thumb 549

549 - Special Fuel & Lubricants, Handling & Stowage

Special fuel handling, special fuel stowage, special lubricants handling, special lubricants stowage

109 Thumb 551

551 - Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air system, dry air cooling, emergency air breathing system, prairrie masker air system

9 Thumb 552

552 - Compressed Gases

This element contains gas systems other than those contained in 551, 553, and 554

0 Thumb 553

553 - O2 N2 System

Distribution system, nitrogen generator, N2 flasks, N2 system, oxygen generators, O2 flasks, O2 system

0 Thumb 554

554 - Main Ballast Tank Blow & List Control System

Low pressure blow system, emergency main ballast tank blow and list control system

5 Thumb 555

555 - Fire Extinguishing Systems

Accumulators, break glass boxes, carbon dioxide system (fixed or portable), card holders, chemical systems (fixed or portable), cylinders, fire extinguishing systems, foam cans, foam solution tanks, inert gas generators, interlock mechanisms, operating gear for smothering system, pressure switches, proportioners, racks

0 Thumb 556

556 - Hydraulic Fluid System

Accumulators, coolers, desurgers, submarines external hydraulic system, hydraulic fluid system, centralized hydraulic system, submarines ship's service hydraulic system, strainers, supply and reserve tanks (non-integral)

1 Thumb 557

557 - Liquid Gases, Cargo

Liquid gas syst. This element contains all dedicated sys required for storage and transfer of liquefied gases, cargo

232 Thumb 558

558 - Piping Systems, Valves, & Hoses

Piping systems, valves, hoses. This element contains all misc piping system such as: kerosene, alcohol, cleaning fluid, hydrogen peroxide, other similar system

1 Thumb 559 dredging equipment

559 - Dredging Equipment

Dredging machinery, equipment, buckets, cutterheads, sleeves, spuds

44 Thumb 561

561 - Steering & Diving Control Systems

Air control system, automatic ship control system, autopilot, brakes, chains, connecting rods, crosshead tubes, crossheads, diving control system, drip pans, electrical control system, guards, hand control system, integrated ship system control hydraulic control system, hydraulic speed gears, mechanical control system, quadrant, racks, ram assembly, rapson links, rope, sheaves, sprockets, steering engine, steering gear, steering stand, stuffing tubes, tackle, tanks, telemotor piping, tiller, transmission gear and bearings

0 Thumb 562

562 - Rudder

Angles, bearings, bleeder plugs, bushing gudgeons, castings, collars, cover plates, doublers, filler, forgings, internal coating, keys, lifting pads, nuts, packing pintles, plating, rings, rudder stock, stern rudder, bow rudder, dorsal rudder, seals, shapes, sleeves, stops, stuffing boxes, zinc protection plates.

13 Thumb 565

565 - Trim & Heel Systems (Surface Ships)

Active fin system, active tank roll stabilization system, heel system, passive stabilization system, stabilizing fins, trim system

0 Thumb 567

567 - Strut & Foil Systems

This element contains strut and foil system for hydrofoil ships. Cables, control surfaces, controllers, controls, extrusions, foil struts, foils, forgings, gears, hydraulic actuators, hydrofoils, interlocks, motors, nacelles for angle drives, pylons, shafts, stops, special weldments, switches

11 Thumb 568

568 - Maneuvering Systems

This element contains steering control thrusters. Maneuvering system, air cushion vehicle maneuvering system (primary): air thrusters, drop rods, puff ports, thruster prime movers, thruster system associated components;

0 Thumb 571

571 - Replenishment-at-Sea Systems

This element contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components forming the main units of system used for transferring cargo, stores, personnel, ammunition, and fuels between ships at sea. Transfer at sea chairs, delivering and receiving stations, distance lines, fueling hose, line passing gear, replenishment at se, running rigging, station markers

8 Thumb 572

572 - Ship Stores & Equipment Handling Systems

This element contains complete structural, mechanical and electrical components of system and equipment used exclusively for handling stores and provision which are used aboard the ship on which stowed. Equipment handling system, ship stores handling system

25 Thumb 573

573 - Cargo Handling Systems

This element contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components of systems within the ship and loading the ship at dockside where systems are used for ship and cargo use. They shall be carried in this element. Cargo handling, containerization.

0 Thumb 574

574 - Vertical Replenishment Systems

This system contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components forming the main units of sys used for transferring cargo, stores, missiles, and ammunition between ships at sea by helicopter. Vertical replenishment

0 Thumb 575

575 - Vehicle Handling & Stowage Systems

Mezzanine deck handling system, portable deck handling system, bow doors, ramps between decks, bow ramps, fixed ramps, mechanical ramps, turntables, vehicle handling systems, vehicle stowage system, snaking winches

0 Thumb 576 cranes

576 - Cranes

Cranes, hoists, related accessories

136 Thumb 579 chains

579 - Chains & Cordage

Chains, cordage, ropes, and related accessories

91 Thumb 581

581 - Anchor Handling & Stowage Systems

Anchor buoys, anchor handling and stowage, anchors, brakes, capstans, hawse reels, wildcats, windlasses

281 Thumb 582a

582 - Mooring & Towing Systems

Capstans, mooring and towing fittings, mooring system components, mooring system controls: electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, Reels, tensioning devices, towing machines, towing system components, towing system controls: electrical, hydraulic, mechanical.

75 Thumb 583

583 - Boats, Boat Handling & Stowage Systems

Blocks, boat booms, boat handling, boat stowage, boats, buoyant apparatus, chocks, davits, dinghies, floats, gripes, inflatable life boats, launches, life rafts, lifesaving equipment, rigging, securing devices, stowage, winches, Combat Rubber Raider Craft (Permanently installed on the ship)

0 Thumb 584

584 - Landing Craft Handling & Stowage Systems

Craft handling, mechanical gates, landing craft handling and stowage sys, inhaul sys, operating gear (mechanical and manual), power units, securing fittings, stern gates, stern marriage sys, water barrier operation, gear, LCAC support structure.

0 Thumb 585

585 - Elevating & Retracting Gear

Complete sys for elevating and retracting structure such as periscopes, kingposts, snorkels, and antennas. Controls, elevating gear, fittings, fixtures, hydraulic units, lagging, liners, operating gear, piping, retracting gear, submarine external hydraulic sys, valves

0 Thumb 586

586 - Aircraft Recovery Support Systems

Aircraft recovery support sys, complete arresting gear, barriers and barricades, cross deck pendants, hauldown and captures sys, operating gear, complete retrieving gear, sheaves, wire supports

0 Thumb 587

587 - Aircraft Launch Support Systems

Accumulators, aircraft launch support system, aircraft starting, buffers, catapult trough heating system, catapults, deck cooling panels, holdback gear, integrated catapult control station, jet blast deflectors, operating gear, panel boards, power cylinders, ramps, retracting and tensioning engine, sheaves, shuttle mounted on tracks, tension rings, towing bridle, water brake piping system, water brakes

0 Thumb 588

588 - Aircraft Handling, Servicing & Stowage

Aircraft handling, aircraft servicing, aircraft stowage, automatic stanchions, cranes, roller and metal curtains, deck edge elevator doors, hanger division doors, hanger roller and sliding doors, aircraft elevators, engine stowage, hanger hatch covers, hanger ramps, hoists, jet engine test stand, locking gear, platforms, power units, retractable hangars, sheaves, tie down fittings, traversing system, yellow gear: CRASH CRANE, TIE DOWNS, TOW TRACTORS, TOWING BARS, TOWING BRIDLES

2 Thumb 589

589 - Miscellaneous Mechanical Handling Systems

Handling barge, handling causeway, dumb waters, personnel elevators, escalators, handling pontoon.

0 Thumb 591

591 - Scientific & Ocean Engineering Systems

In ocean work system and tools, jettisoning system, manipulators, ocean engineering system, scientific system, submersible vehicle mechanical system

0 Thumb 592

592 - Swimmer & Diver Support & Protection Systems

Diver and swimmer cages, diver equipment stowage, diver support and protection sys, diver tools, personnel transfer capsules, swimmer support and protection systems

70 Thumb 593

593 - Environmental Pollution Control Systems, Cleaning Equipment and Machinery

Cleaning equipment and machinery, air pollution abatement systems, sewage treatment and disposal systems, industrial and chemical waste disposal systems, solid waste disposal systems, submarine trash disposal unit,waste water treatment and disposal system, domestic collection, holding, and transfer tank

0 Thumb 594

594 - Submarine Rescue, Salvage, & Survival Systems

Ambient caisson cage, blow line, breathing manifold, cable, charcoal filters, escape breathing air piping from service air isolation valve, escape trunk equipment, escape trunk flood and drain piping, escape trunk timer, extension pipe through hull, high salvage line, hose connection or pipe cap on deck, hydraulic system, for messenger buoys and escape hatch cover operation, low salvage strainers, manifold, master valve, messenger marker buoys, quick disconnect couplings, reel, regulator, submarine rescue system, salvage air fittings, submarine salvage system, salvage wrenches, sea pressure gage, submarine survival system trunk drain valve operator, valve operators, vents

0 Thumb 595

595 - Towing, Launching & Handling for Underwater Systems

Both local and remote control and indicating panels, interconnecting cabling, launcher tube and all attached and associated local components, piping and valve components beginning at headers, signal ejector system, three inch launcher including items such as: blow and vent manifold, breech door including interlock mechanism, ejector, integral hydraulic components, muzzle valve, tube

0 Thumb 596

596 - Handling Systems for Diver & Submersible Vehicles

Diver platform handling system, personnel transfer capsule handling system, submarine rescue chamber handling system, submersible vehicle handling system

0 Thumb 597

597 - Salvage Support Systems

Beach gear, bow lifts, deep ocean recovery, salvage support system

0 Thumb 598

598 - Auxiliary Systems Operating Fluids

Includes fluids contained in components and system listed in group 5 to make them operable. Includes fluids in closed, open and free flooding system and fluid in roll stabilization tanks.

84 Thumb 599

599 - Auxiliary Fabricated Parts

Contains auxiliary fabricated repair parts and replacement items carried aboard to service and repair the components and system in group 5. Also includes auxiliary system special purpose tools.

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