221 Thumb 403 industrial safety equipment

403 - Industrial Safety Equipment

Safety goggles, safety belts and harnesses, respirators and masks, helmets, protective clothing

225 Thumb 404

404 - Electronic Components and Supplies

Printed circuit assemblies PCAs, Mixed circuit assemblies, Surface mount circuit assemblies, Plated through circuit assemblies, Double sided circuit cards, Backplane circuit cards, Multilayer circuit cards, Single sided circuit cards, Printed wire boards, Demodulators, Application specific circuit assemblies, Amplifiers Attenuators, Circulators, Couplers, Delay lines, Detectors, Dummy loads, Radio frequency RF filters, Isolators, Mixers, Phase shifters, Power dividers, Wave tube amplifiers, Terminations, Modulators, Splitter, Radio frequency RF combiner, Attenuator network pad, Output transformer, Impedance stabilizer, Synchro receiver, Limiter, Radio frequency RF connectors, Radio frequency data communication equipment, Radio frequency transmitters or receivers

169 Thumb 411

411 - Data Display Group

Azimuth converters, communication patch panel and station, data display, digital data readouts, display consoles, pulse amplifier/symbol generators, radar distribution switchboards, video signal simulator, indicators

960 Thumb 412

412 - Data Processing Group

Computer software, beacon video processor, general purpose computers, data processing, disk drive assembly, input-output consoles, magnetic tape units, paper tape units

1935 Thumb 414

414 - Interface Equipment (Analog & Digital Switchboards)

Analog to digital converter, central signal data converter, digital to analog converter, integrated key set, interface equipment, key set central multiplexers

551 Thumb 415

415 - Digital Data Communications

Data terminals, digital data communications, telecommunications equipment

373 Thumb 416

416 - Fiber-Optics Cable Plant

Fiber Optics Interconnection Boxes (FOICBs), trunk cables and their associated connectors and splices

1 Thumb 421

421 - Non-Electrical/Non- Electronic Navigation Aids

Alidade, azimuth circle, barometer, beam compass, binnacle, chronometer, clinometer, magnetic compass, dividers, heeling and corrector magnets and holder, keel trim indicator, leadline, non electrical navigation aids, non-electronic navigation aids, pelorus and stand sextant telescopes and binoculars

0 Thumb 422

422 - Electrical Navigation Aids (includes Navigation Lights)

Aircraft landing lights, anchor lights, control and dimmer panels, navigation lights, electrical navigation aids, navigation lights (side, running, and towing),range lights, searchlights, speed lights, steering lights, stern lights, task lights, wake lights, well deck lights, LCAC positioning lights, glide slope indicator.

0 Thumb 423

423 - Electronic Navigation Systems

Loran, radio navigation systems, omega, satnav, tacan

0 Thumb 424

424 - Electronic Navigation Systems, Acoustical

Depth indicators, acoustical navigation systems, sonar equipment, speed recorders, velocity meters

16 Thumb 425

425 - Periscopes and Photonics

Air jet control, bearings, bellows assembly, blowers, castings, fairwaters that raise and lower with periscope, guards, guide rails, heaters, hull fittings, integral training gear, periscope, seals, seats, photonics

4 Thumb 426

426 - Electrical Navigation Systems

Bearings, dead reckoning system (including analyzer indicators, plotters, tracers), gyrocompass system ( including binnacle, control cabinets, heading indicators, power suppliers, stabilized gyrocompass set), integral lighting, electrical navigation systems, operating gear, stands, submarine depth detector system( including depth detector, depth indicators, depth converter),synchronizers amplifiers for all systems, underwater log system( including transmitter indicator, remote speed and distance indicators, sword), Ring Laser Gyro Navigator

0 Thumb 427

427 - Inertial Navigation Systems

Alignment distribution system ( including alignment junction boxes, alignment outlet boxes), inertial system (including binnacle, computer, control cabinets, multispeed repeaters, position indicators), inertial navigation systems

0 Thumb 428

428 - Navigation Control Monitoring

Chronometer transfer switches, consoles, equipment racks, monitoring and support system navigation control

122 Thumb 432

432 - Telephone Systems

Dial phones and switchboards, EM/MJ call signal stations, sound powered phones, telephone amplifiers, telephone systems

2 Thumb 433

433 - Announcing Systems

Announcing systems, intercom systems, public address systems

39 Thumb 434

434 - Entertainment & Training Systems

Entertainment and training systems, equipment primarily for training, recreation or entertainment, motion picture equipment, radio and television receivers, record players, signal distribution systems, studio equipment, tape recorders, television cameras

0 Thumb 435

435 - Voice Tubes & Message Passing Systems

Call systems, compressed air system if used only for pneumatic tubes, message tubes and scuttles, pneumatic tubes, voice tubes

199 Thumb 436

436 - Alarm, Safety, & Warning Systems

Alarm panels, alarm switchboards, alarm systems, radiac, sensors, systems that give notice of equipment derangements or hazardous conditions

3788 Thumb 437

437 - Stationary Indication, Order, & Metering Systems

Cavitation indicators, counters, electrical mechanical order and metering system, indicating systems, level indicating circuits, metering systems, order systems, sensors, ship control circuits, system control panels, temperature indicating circuits, transmitters, underwater noise level monitors, valve control circuits

31 Thumb 438

438 - Consolidated Control & Display Systems

Combined instrument panels, conolog, consoles, integrated control systems, portable ship control units, depth and course control subsystem hovering control subsystem, missile compensating control subsystem, strategic weapons support systems

0 Thumb 439

439 - Recording & Television Systems

Closed circuit television systems used to monitor compartments or exterior of ship and for command briefing, recording systems, remote recording and playback devices, television systems

82 Thumb 440

440 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories, Network security equipment, Firewall network security equipment,, VPN network security equipment, Vulnerability Assessment Security Equipment, Radio jamming transmitter, Cable head end equipment, Content delivery networking equipment, Network gateway, Internet service node startup kits, Cache engine equipment, Network routers, Network service concentrators or hubs, Network channel or data service units, Network switches, Storage area network SAN switch, Video networking equipment, Access servers, Cable modems, Multistation access units, Wireless fidelity base stations Wifi, Broadband aggregators, Remote management adapters, Network management or monitoring device, Network equipment upgrade kit, Network application engine, Gigabyte passive optical network GPON, Managed lease line network MLLN equipment, Internet protocol IP multimedia subsystem hardware, Wireless access point, Routing switcher Cable network tester, Teletype input devices, 2G GSM mobile core network equipment and components, 3G UMTS mobile core network equipment and components, WLAN wireless access network equipment and components, IN SSP switching equipment, IN mobile core equipment, OSS mobile core network equipment and components, OSS wireless access network equipment and components, GSM UMT LAN antenna

18 Thumb 441

441 - Radio Systems

Central time and frequency system, message processing system, quality monitoring system, radio set controls, radio systems, satellite communication system, time and frequency standards

1 Thumb 442

442 - Underwater Systems

Beacon equipment, underwater communications systems, marine photography, ultrasonic test instruments

337 Thumb 443

443 - Visual & Audible Communication Systems

Audible communication systems, bells and supports, infrared systems, optical systems, signal flags, signal horn, signal search lights, steam/air whistle, visual communication systems

0 Thumb 444

444 - Telemetry Systems

Amplifiers, computers, data handling equipment, receivers, signal conditioners, telemetry systems, transmitters

0 Thumb 445

445 - Teletype & Facsimile Systems

Facsimile, page printer, receiver, tape cutters, tape reader, teletype transmitting and receiving equipment, teletypewriter set

54 Thumb 446

446 - Security Equipment Systems

Security Equipment Systems

0 Thumb 452

452 - Air Search Radar (2D)

Air Search Radar (2D)

0 Thumb 453

453 - Air Search Radar (3D)

Air Search Radar (3D)

0 Thumb 454

454 - Aircraft Control Radar Systems

Aircraft control approach radar

0 Thumb 455

455 - Identification Systems (IFF)

Identification systems

9 Thumb 456

456 - Multi-Function Radar Systems

Multiple mode/function radar, Dual Band Radar (used for surface search, air search, and navigational purposes)

0 Thumb 457

457 - Infrared Surveillance & Tracking Systems

thermal imaging cameras, infrared surveillance & tracking systems

0 Thumb 458

458 - Automatic Detection & Tracking Systems

automatic detection & tracking systems

0 Thumb 459

459 - Space Vehicle Electronic Tracking

Space Vehicle Electronic Tracking

0 Thumb 464

464 - Acoustic Analysis Systems

Classification sonar, acoustic video processors

0 Thumb 465

465 - Bathythermograph


0 Thumb 466

466 - Multi-Purpose Ship Equipment Systems

Acoustic systems, airborne surveillance platforms, control equipment, electronic support equipment, radio sets, signal processing equipment

2 Thumb 471

471 - Active EW (includes Combination Active/Passive)

Amplifiers, antennas, coders, consoles, converters, decoders, active ECM, mechanical support systems, radar countermeasures, radio countermeasures, transducers, ,receivers, sonar countermeasures, transmitters, wave guides

0 Thumb 472

472 - Passive ECM (Electronic Countermeasures)

Amplifiers, coders, consoles, converters, decoders, Passive ECM, mechanical support systems, mission control monitor, receivers, wave guides, exterior Radar Absorbent Material (RAM)

0 Thumb 473

473 - Underwater Countermeasures

Torpedo decoys, fanfare, nixie, saws

0 Thumb 474

474 - Decoy Systems

Decoys, decoys (other than torpedoes)

0 Thumb 475

475 - Degaussing Systems

Coils, connection boxes, control equipment, degaussing, magnetic silencing

0 Thumb 476

476 - Mine Countermeasure Systems

Acoustic minesweeping systems (automatic and manual acoustic controllers, electric power tow cables, environments survey equipment, generators, towed devices), mine countermeasures, magnetic minesweeping systems (cables, controllers, environmental survey equipment, generators, switchboards), mechanical minesweeping system (chain drags, moored sweep gear (cutters for mine mooring, depressors, floats, otters, sweep wires and misc fittings), trawl nets), mine countermeasures gear handling equipment (misc fittings, fairleads, blocks, rollers, etc. winches, cranes, cable reels and other weight( handling equipment)), minefield navigation systems (automatic steering, command and control equipment, data processing, markers, plotting, radars, sonar), mine hunting systems (mine detection, classification, location and avoidance sonar, mine neutralization ordnance, mine neutralization systems, non-sonic mine detection, classification sonar markers), pressure minesweeping systems( electronic control boxes, environmental survey equipment, high intensity lights, mooring cables, pressure transducers, surface buoys, towed devices) support equipment

0 Thumb 481

481 - Gun Fire Control Systems

Air supply units, amplifiers, antenna mount, built-in power packs, computers(dedicated), consoles, directors, electrical-optical sighting systems(EOSS), bearing and range indicators elevation, error recorder, firing switch, gun fire control systems, gun order correctors, gun order system, gun sights, gyro stabilizer systems, main power switch, optical sights, pedestals, radar, range finders, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, television systems, train parallax correctors, laser weapon control systems, rail gun control systems, energy weapons control systems

0 Thumb 482

482 - Missile Fire Control Systems

amplifiers, built-in power packs, computers, consoles, directors, electrical-optical sighting systems (EOSS), error recorder firing switch, kinescope recording set, launcher order systems, main power switch, missile fire control systems, pedestals, radar, radio, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, signal comparator, target designation transmitter, telemetry system, television system

0 Thumb 483

483 - Underwater Fire Control Systems

Amplifiers, analyzer, angle solver, attack console, audio/digital coder, bearing and range indicator, cable reel and control cable, computers, converters, countermeasure control, course indicators, drone control systems for ASW, firing panel, firing switch, launcher control systems, missile fire control systems, plotters, position keeper, radio transmitting set, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, torpedo control systems, underwater fire control systems weapon control consoles, weapon data converters, weapon order generator, weapon simulators

0 Thumb 484

484 - Integrated Fire Control Systems

Air supply units, amplifiers, analyzer, antenna mount, attack console, audio/digital coder, bearing and range indicator, built-in power packs, cable reel and control cable, computers, consoles, converters, countermeasure control course indicators, directors, drone control systems for ASW, bearing and range indicators elevation, error decoder, firing panel firing switch, gun fire control systems, gun order correctors, gun order system gun sights, gyro stabilizer system kinescope recording set launcher control systems, launcher order systems, main power switch, missile fire control systems optical sights, pedestals, position keeper, radar, radio, range finders, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, signal comparator, target designation transmitter, telemetry system, television systems, torpedo fire control systems, train parallax correctors, weapon order generator

0 Thumb 489

489 - Weapon Systems Switchboards

Fire control switchboards regardless of system or location in the ship, weapon systems switchboards

17494 Thumb 491

491 - Portable Electronic Test Equipment (includes Calibration)

Calibrating equipment, electronic test equipment, electronic checkout, fixed test gear, monitoring systems, portable test gear

0 Thumb 492

492 - Flight Control & Instrument Landing Systems

Flight control and instrument landing systems. Complete system with all internal parts. Lighting system, Manual operated visual (mvlas), visual aid

0 Thumb 493

493 - Automated Data Processing Systems (Non-Combat)

Data processing system, Non-combat. Monitoring system

1 Thumb 494

494 - Meteorological Systems

Meteorological systems. Complete system with all their internal parts, local and remote control, indication, processing, transmitting and receiving equipments with all interconnecting cables

0 Thumb 495

495 - Special Purpose Intelligence Systems

Tactical flag command center, ship signal exploitation space (SSES), outboard, tactical intelligence (Tactical), Naval intelligence processing system (NIPS), Tactical support center (TSC)

0 Thumb 498

498 - Command & Surveillance Operating Fluids

Command & Surveillance Operating Fluids

0 Thumb 499

499 - Command & Surveillance Repair Parts & Special Tools

Command and surveillance repair parts, special tools and handling gear

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