5468 Thumb 302

302 - Motors & Associated Equipment

Motor protectors, explosionproof motors, alternators, motor bases, compressors, motor drives, generator sets, mounts, synchronous motors, variable speed motors, compressed air motors, pistons, compressed air motors, electric alternating current motors, electric direct current motors, hydraulic motors

2957 Thumb conduit

303 - Protective Devices

Protective devices, Clamps, Conduit Clamps, Conduit Fittings, Conduit Tubing, Conduits, Conduits, Couplings, Electrical Coatings, Electrical Fittings, Electrical Insulation Putty, Electrical Sealer, Fittings, Heat Shrink Tubing, Insulating Materials, Insulation, Insulation, Lightning Protection, Receptacle Boxes, Receptacle Plugs, Receptacles, Tubing, Cable Clamps, Cable Clips

5003 Thumb 304

304 - Electric Cables

Insulated Electrical Wire, Armored Cable, Battery Cables, Boxes, Cable Assemblies, Cable Connectors, Cable Dressing, Cable Plates, Cable Reels, Cable Systems, Cable Wrap, Brush & motor lead cable, Coaxial cable, Communication cable, Electric cable, Electric armored cable, Electronic cable, Fiber-optic cable, Halogen-free cable, High frequency cable, Insulated electrical cable, Portable electrical cable, Shipboard electric cable, Shoreside electric cable, Submarine cable, wire cables, cable clips, electric wire cable connectors, electric supplies, extension cords, cable & bulkhead glands, cable screw glands, magnet wire, wire seals, wiring devices

311 Thumb voltage labels

305 - Electrical Designating & Marking

Electric Marking Tools, Marking Machines &/or Devices

880 Thumb 306 electrical duct wireway

306 - Electrical Ducts, Wireways, Cableways, Cable Hangers

Electrical ducts, wireways, cableways, cable hangers, raceways, cable rackings, cable hangers, conduit hangers

19275 Thumb 311

311 - Electric Power Generation

Controls equipment transformers, electric starters, exciters, filed resistors, flex connections to main or ship service condensers, diesel generator sets, gas turbine generator sets, steam turbine generator sets, governors, instrumentation and mounting boards, over speed trip device, regulators, rheostats, ship service power generation, sstg turbine strainers (steam), sub-bases, switches, throttle control (local), vibration dampers

0 Thumb 312

312 - Emergency Generators

Emergency generators, also components listed in element 311 that are applicable to emergency generator systems

73 Thumb 313

313 - Batteries & Service Facilities

Batteries and service facilities (non-main propulsion), battery charging equipment, battery trays and hold down devices, portable storage batteries( not installed in specific equipment or components spare batteries for mobile equipment), Aux fuel cells

925 Thumb 314

314 - Power Conversion Equipment

Conversion equipment, instrumentation and mounting boards, inverters or converters, line voltage regulators, motor generators, power conversion equipment, rectifiers, sub-bases, transformers

144 Thumb 321

321 - Ship Service Power Cable

Bus tie feeders, supports and alongside cable reels, cables from distribution switchboards to pwr. Panels, cables from load center to power panels, casualty power cable (fixed and portable), emergency power cable, generator leads, main wire ways, power cable, power cable for battery charging facilities, power feeders, ship service power cable

96 Thumb 322

322 - Emergency Power Cable System

Emergency power cable systems feeder cable, reels and supports for cables

84 Thumb 323

323 - Casualty Power Cable System

Casualty power cable system, Cable racks, casualty power risers, feeder cable, reels and supports

1913 Thumb 324

324 - Switchgear & Panels

Aircraft elevator switchboards, alongside service switchboards, battery charging switchboards, bus transfer equipment, catapult switchboards, control bench boards, distribution switchboards, emergency switchboards, load center switchboards, motor generator control panels, panels, ship service switchboards, switchgear, switchboards, load centers, power panels, main propulsion switchboard.

314 Thumb 331

331 - Lighting Distribution

Distribution boxes, lighting distribution system, low voltage and special applications lighting distribution including cable emergency, lighting panels, lighting transformers, ship service lighting distribution including cable

7711 Thumb 332

332 - Lighting Fixtures

Fixtures for general illumination, fixtures for special illumination, illumination requirements lighting fixtures

0 Thumb 341

341 - SSTG Lube Oil

Accumulators, actuators, air motors, coolers (when fresh water cooled), cycling switches, electrostatic precipitators, emergency coast down pump and air driven motor, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, instrumentation, SSTG lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, pressure switches sight glasses, solenoid valve, sstg lube oil pumps, sstg lube oil sump tanks (not built- in), strainers, sump tank heaters, tank sounding rods, thermostatic switches, wiring to main power protective device

0 Thumb 342

342 - Diesel Support Systems

Air start inlet fitting, controllers, diesel air start piping, diesel exhaust piping, diesel fuel oil service and transfer piping, diesel lube oil service and transfer piping, diesel safety piping, diesel sea water cooling piping, diesel support sys( power generation), distributor air header, FW/SW heat exchangers, hull integrity fasteners, hull valve, non- built-in tanks, pilot air tubing, portable hand pumps, pressure switches, pump motors, sea water pump (circulating or booster), service and transfer supply valve, snorkel air induction sump tank, snorkel diesel exhaust pressure proof piping, snorkel diesel exhaust valves, snorkel dip loop cabling and band assembly to cable shelf, snorkel drain lines, snorkel exhaust mast, snorkel free flood and exhaust piping, snorkel head valve, snorkel head valve electrodes, snorkel induction mast, snorkel induction valves, snorkel integral hydraulic hoist mechanism, snorkel main induction valve, snorkel mast antennas snorkel moisture separators, snorkel muffler, snorkel operating gear, snorkel service air dip loop piping to head valve, sound mounts, diesel (power generation) support system, three-way temperature regulating valve, valve solenoids, vents from heat exch., venturis, spectacle frames

0 Thumb 343

343 - Turbine Support Systems

Turbine (power generation) support systems, turbine driven fans, turbine oils, turbine parts

2 Thumb 398

398 - Electric Plant Operating Fluids

Power generation operating fluids

0 Thumb 399

399 - Electric Plant Repair Parts & Special Tools

Electric plant repair parts, special purpose tools, training devices

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