1 Thumb 110 raw materials

110 - Raw Material

Raw materials, metals, timber

380 Thumb 113

111 - Shell Plating, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull, Structural Material

Access plates, Bottom and side to strength or flight deck, bulwarks that are continuation of shell, butt straps coamings conning tower(submarine), doubler, insert, chafing, face plates, elliptical and hemispherical heads, flat keel, hard patches, hull closure plate, insert, liners, metal or wood belting, molding, overboard discharge collars, patches, plates, plating, shell, pressure hull penetrations, pressure plate fenders, protective wood planking fixed to shell, riveting and backing strips, shell plating, sonar sphere (subma) split pipe fenders, stiffening, submarine pressure hull, transom

0 Thumb 113

113 - Inner Bottom

Beam knees, beams, brackets and clips to shell, built-in wells, butt and seam straps, doubler plates, inner bottom framing not covered in 116, inserts, intercostal stiffening, margin plates, plating inner bottom, stringers, sub tanks, tank tops landing on floors or beams

0 Thumb 114

114 - Shell Appendages

Appendages shell, bilge keels, brackets, fender, filler, framing, plating, shaft fairwaters, skegs, welding strips

0 Thumb 115

115 - Stanchions

Brackets, built-up plates, end plates, gussets, pipe, shapes stanchions

0 Thumb 116

116 - Longitudinal Framing, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull

Blister framing, bottom and side longitudinals, breast hooks, center vertical keel, chocks, collars, deep frames, docking brackets, docking keel, floors, framing long, inserts, intercostals, keel straps liners, reverse frames, rider plate, secondary stiffeners, side frames, side keelsons, sole plates, straps, stringer angles, stringer, tee frames, truss framing, welding strips

0 Thumb 117

117 - Transverse Framing, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull

Includes items similar to 116 for transverse framing, closure bulkhead ring, framing transverse, ring framing, web frames

0 Thumb 118

118 - Longitudinal & Transverse Submarine Non-Pressure Hull

Includes items similar to 116 and 117, framing, long transverse submarine non-pressure hull

0 Thumb 119

119 - Lift System Flexible Skirts & Seals

Lift system flexible skirts and seals, lift system retraction equipment, seals, flexi, seals long, seals, semi-flex, seals stability, seals transverse, skirts, flex, valves air bag

0 Thumb 121

121 - Longitudinal Structural Bulkheads

Arch coamings and frames, brackets used in forming or attaching bulkhead, built-in tank sides, bulkheads long structure, centerline bulkheads, cofferdams, compartmentation bulkheads, headers, inserts, liners, margin and cover plates, pipe tunnels complete, shaft alley sides and tops, stiffeners, structural plate, venturing and baffle plates for anti- roll tank system

0 Thumb 122

122 - Transverse Structural Bulkheads

Includes items similar to 121, bent legs of aircraft carriers, bulkheads transverse structural, submarines all structural bulkheads internal to the pressure hull and associated fasteners and closing devices

0 Thumb 123

123 - Trunks & Enclosures

Access trunks for: ammunition, cargo, conveyor, counterweight, elevators, escape, ran room, fire control , nuclear, periscope, personnel, pressure proof sonar sphere, retractable mast well, small ejector, uptakes, ventilation, wiring, tank built-in, trunk built-in

0 Thumb 124

124 - Bulkheads in Torpedo Protection System

bulkheads torpedo protection

0 Thumb 125

125 - Submarine Hard Tanks

tank: ends, floors, framing, panel stiffening, sides, tops, hard

0 Thumb 126

126 - Submarine Soft Tanks

tanks: ends, flood hole baffles, framing, gages, level indicators, sides, tops, trycock, trycock manifolds, soft, intermediate

1086 Thumb 161

161 - Structural Castings, Forgings, & Equivalent Weldments

Anchor stowage flange, bellmouths, bitter end pin, bitter end shackle, boring, cast skeg, castings structure, chain pipe and stiffeners, counter casting, forgings structure, hawse pipe, inner shell recesses, landing pads lift system (fixed and moveable), machinery, rudder bearing trunk, shaft struts, shell bolster, spectable frame ,stem bars, stem castings, stern frame, stern or shaft tubes (barrel, fairwater, outboard and inboard braces, plugs, upper and lower arms, upper and lower fillets), stern post, structure castings, forgings or equivalent weldments used in connection with assembly and installation of: fairwater, rudder, shafting, stem, stern. Weldment, weldments structure.

0 Thumb 162

162 - Stacks & Macks (Combined Stack & Mast)

Coverings, forgings, gaskets, gratings, guys, ladders, mack outer casing, plating, rails hand and foot, shapes, stack covers, stack outer casing supports

0 Thumb 163

163 - Sea Chests

Castings or weldments, condenser injection scoop and overboard discharge, inserts, liners, protectors, sea chests, steaming out connections, strainers

0 Thumb 164

164 - Ballistic Plating

Armor grating, Barbette connections and supports, barbette deck wedges, conning tower and fire control tubes, plating ballistic, side belt plates, splinter plating, tapered steel wedges, Kevlar Armor

0 Thumb 165

165 - Sponsons

Brackets, face plates, flight deck walkways, flight deck wing supports, framing, fueling and replenishment at sea sponsons, gun and missile sponsons, mooring sponsons, plating, sponsons for support of hydrofoil struts for support of retracting or swinging propulsion units, stanchions, stiffeners

121 Thumb 167

167 - Hull Structural Closures

Airport cover plates, closing devices, hull closures, dogs, ballistic doors, non-ballistic doors, fittings, frames, hatches, locking rings, manholes, operating gear, scuttles, wedges

527 Thumb 169

169 - Special Purpose Closures & Structures

Bomb elevator doors and hatch covers, bow doors, cargo hatch covers and beams, special purpose closures, deck edge elevator doors, flame seal doors, gates, hangar division doors, hangar doors(rolling and sliding), missile blast doors, ramps, secure fittings, tracks, turntables, water barrier, weapons strike down hatch covers, special purpose decks and structures, break waters

0 Thumb 171

171 - Masts, Towers, Tetrapods

Fittings, ladders or ladder rungs, masts, pipes, plates, shapes, tetrapods, towers, wedges, yardarms

0 Thumb 172

172 - Kingposts & Support Frames

fittings permanently attached, kingposts, ladders or ladder rungs, pipes, plates, shapes, wedges

70 Thumb 179

179 - Service Platforms

Brackets, foot rails, gratings, handrails, pipes, plate, service platforms, shapes

1 Thumb 182

182 - Propulsion Plant Foundations

Foundations for: boilers, condensate pumps, condensers, ejectors, electric motors, engines, feed and transfer pumps, forced draft blowers, fuel oil service pumps, installed tanks, line shaft couplings and clutches, line shaft steady and thrust bearings, line shafts, lube oil service pumps, main generators, nuclear power controls and instrumentation, nuclear steam generators, radiation shielding ( primary and secondary), reactor coolant service system, reactor coolant system, reactor plant auxiliary system, reactors reduction gears, storage batteries, structure supporting shielding

0 Thumb 183

183 - Electric Plant Foundations

Foundations for: generator service system components, generator set components, power conversion system components, power distribution system components switchboards, IPS power generators

0 Thumb 184

184 - Command & Surveillance Foundations

Foundations for: Antennas, countermeasures sys components, data processing system and peripheral equipment, electrical and electronic navigation aids, electronic components, gyrocompass, inertial navigation system components, mine warfare system components, navigational periscopes, transducers

0 Thumb 185

185 - Auxiliary Systems Foundations

Foundations for: environmental control equipment, material handling system, mechanical handling system, piping system, ship control system

4 Thumb 186

186 - Outfit & Furnishings Foundations

Foundations for: built in furniture, commissary equipment, floor plates and gratings, galley equipment, hull fittings, medical equipment, mooring and towing fittings, sanitary facilities, shop and office equipment, stowage or cargo space equipment

0 Thumb 187

187 - Armament Foundations

Foundations for: armament handling equipment, depth charge launching devices, gun mounts, mine launching devices, missile and rocket launchers, torpedo tubes

0 Thumb 188

188 - Common Foundations

Foundations for Skids, Rafts, EME's, foundations with equipment contained in multiple groups.

0 Thumb 189 vibration dampers

189 - Anti-vibration Equipment

shock absorbers, vibration dampening couplings, vibration & noise eliminators, vibration shock isolators, anti-vibration mountings

0 Thumb 191

191 - Ballast, Fixed or Fluid, & Buoyancy Units

Ballast identified by fixed or variable lead drawings, ballast stored in inaccessible locations, general ballast, locked-in liquid ballast, filler material for hull voids, flotation material

0 Thumb 192

192 - Compartment Testing

Compartment testing

20 Thumb 196 welding

196 - Welding Tools and Equipment

Welding-related tools and equipment

0 Thumb 198

198 - Free Flooding Liquids

Liquids in: condenser injection scoops, overboard ditch, rudder wells, sea chests, shaft recesses, shaft tubes, and free flooding liquids

0 Thumb 199

199 - Hull Repair Parts & Special Tools

Hull repair parts and tools

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