366 Thumb 604

602 - Hull Designating & Marking

Builders nameplates, interior markings, label plates, gral hull marking and designating, ships name board

2 Thumb rat proofing

605 - Rodent & Vermit Proofing

Grate rat proofing, screen wire and sheet metal requirements. For rat-proofing

0 Thumb 611

611 - Hull Fittings

Davits (except boat handling and minesweeping), deck chafing plates, deck fittings (regardless of method of fabrication), fenders, hull fittings, guards, jackstaff, landing signal officers and leadsmans platform, mine safety clearing guards, padeyes for lashing, propeller and hydrofoil guards, safety tracks, shell brackets for painters staging, spars, Personnel safety panels (permanent)

0 Thumb 612

612 - Rails, Stanchions, & Lifelines

Awning braces, hand rails, lifelines, pipe railing, rail and awning fittings, rail and awnings stanchions, rails, safety nets, stanchions for lifelines.

0 Thumb 613

613 - Rigging & Canvas

Awnings, canvas canopies, canvas covers, curtains, flag hoists, halyards, hoods, rigging, running and standing rigging, shrouds and stays incl.. Fittings for misc. masts, tarpaulins, weather cloths

4 Thumb 621

621 - Non-Structural Bulkheads

Joiner bulkheads, non-structural bulkheads, coamings, expanded metal bulkheads, fastenings, frames, hinged shelves, light traps (include. Canvas), non- structural bulkheads (may be wood, medal corrugated and security type), sanitary partitions, shower partitions, sills.

0 Thumb 622

622 - Floor Plates & Gratings

Coverings, false floors, fastenings, fittings, fixed and portable floor plates and gratings, frames, gratings, handrails, supports

14 Thumb 623

623 - Ladders

Abandon ship ladders, accommodation ladders, grab rods, jacob's ladders, ladder rails, ladder rungs, ladder screens, ladders, vertical and inclined, machinery, fittings, brackets, and rigging used in handling and stowing movable ladders, pilot ladders, safety harness

6 Thumb 624

624 - Non-Structural Closures

Coamings, joiner doors, non-structural doors (may be wood, metal , corrugated and security type), expanded metal doors, fastenings, frames, service windows, sills

214 Thumb 625

625 - Airports, Fixed Port lights, & Windows

Airports, covers, peepholes, port lights, screens ,windows, windshields, wipers

53 Thumb 631

631 - Painting

Caulking, cement washes, epoxy resins, paint, pickling, plastic, surface preparation

0 Thumb 632

632 - Zinc & Metallic Coatings

Zinc coatings, galvanizing, flame spray aluminum, metallic special purpose coatings

0 Thumb 633

633 - Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection, controllers, platinum-tantalum anodes and gland assemblies, silver/silver chloride cells, zinc anodes

1 Thumb 634

634 - Deck Covering

Caulking and margins, concrete, ceramic and non- skid tile, composition and metal deck covering, deck covering, deck treads and mats including boundaries, bonding, fasteners, and reinforcements, fabric upholstery, electric grade mat, terrazzo, rubber mat, rugs/carpet, non-skid, tile.

71 Thumb 635

635 - Hull Insulation

Adhesives, coverings, fastenings, acoustical insulation, hull insulation, thermal insulation, soundproofing booths, soundproofing in communications and electron. Spaces;

0 Thumb 636

636 - Hull Damping

Adhesives, hull damping, hull damping materials, sandwich treatment, vibration damping tile

0 Thumb 637

637 - Sheathing

Acoustical sheathing, coverings of built-in furnishings, decorative sheathing, medical and dental sheathing, protective sheathing, sanitary sheathing, shell bulkheads and deck sheathing

0 Thumb 638

638 - Refrigerated Spaces

Battens, doors, furring, gratings, insulation, sheathing

72 Thumb 640 accommodations   clothing

640 - Accommodations & Clothing

Crew accommodations & clothing

0 Thumb 641

641 - Officer Berthing & Messing Spaces

Officers & passenger berthing & messing furnishings, officer berthing and messing space furnishings, passenger berthing and messing space furnishings.

0 Thumb 642

642 - Noncommissioned Officer Berthing & Messing Spaces

CPO berthing and messing spaces furnishings, furnishings CPO and equivalent rating, Non-com officer berthing and messing furnishings.

0 Thumb 643

643 - Enlisted Personnel Berthing & Messing Spaces

Enlisted personnel berthing and messing furnishings

44 Thumb 644

644 - Sanitary Spaces & Fixtures

Baths tubs, fixture to blhd drains, integral with fixture faucets, fixture to blhd fittings, fixture to blhd gaskets, lavatories, fixtures to blhd nuts and bolts, integral with fixtures operating gear, paper towel dispenser, integral with fixture piping, sanitary fixtures, sanitary spaces, service sinks, showers, soap dishes, soap dispensers, integral with fixture tanks, towel hooks, towel racks, integral with fixture traps, urinals, integral with fixtures vent piping, water closets, faucets, flushometers, grab rods, hand driers, lavatories, mirrors, shampoo shelves, shower assemblies, shower partitions, toilet paper holders, trash receptacles, tumber & toothbrush holder, urinal partitions, water closet doors, water closet partitions, water closets, modular sanitary units.

17 Thumb 645

645 - Leisure & Community Spaces

Community spaces, entertainment equipment, leisure spaces, lounge equipment, physical fitness equipment, privacy equipment, sports equipment

48 Thumb 651

651 - Commissary Spaces

Bins, charcoal and electric broilers, coffee makers, commissary spaces, cutlery, dish washers, dough dividers, dough mixers, dough troughs, dressers, food serving and warming tables, freezers, fry kettles, griddles, hoods, hot plates, ice cream makers, ice makers, meat blocks, meat choppers, milk dispensers, ovens potato peelers, racks, ranges, refrigerators, shelves, slicing machine, soap dispensers, steam kettles, tables , toasters, urns , utensils

92 Thumb 652

652 - Medical Spaces

Autoclaves, bed pans, berths, bottle racks, bracket fans, chairs, desk lights, desks, battle dressing station and operating room equip. first aid boxes, glass racks, instrument cabinets, instruments, lab ovens, litters, lockers, medical chairs, medical spaces, operating tables, portable lights, refrigerators, scales ,shelves, shielded containers for film badges or instrument calibration, sinks, sterilizers, tables, x-ray equipment, Infectious waste processor, surgeon's sink, Eye/face baths.

0 Thumb 653

653 - Dental Spaces

Autoclaves, bottle racks, berths, bracket fans, chairs, dental chairs, dental spaces, desk lights, desks, glass racks, grinding and polishing machines, instrument cabinets, instruments, lockers, portable lights, refrigerators, shelves, shielded containers for film badges or instrument calibration, sinks, sterilizers, tables, x-ray equipment

30 Thumb 654

654 - Utility Spaces

Barber shops, brig, cobbler shops, hobby shops, ice cream bars, ships store, tailor and dry cleaning shop, utility spaces, utility space equipment such as machinery showcases, tables, workbenches.

0 Thumb 655

655 - Laundry Spaces

Baskets, bins, chairs, dryers, irons, laundry presses, laundry spaces, lockers, marking machine, scales, shelves, tables, tubs, washers, jack rods, sewing machines, sleeve presses, spray guns, stools, tables, washer stractors

0 Thumb 656

656 - Trash Disposal Spaces

Bins, classified document destruction equipment, disinfector, workbenches, Trash disposal equipment.

29 Thumb 657 furniture

657 - Furniture

General furniture, chairs & seating

108 Thumb 661

661 - Offices

Brackets fans, cabinets, chairs, chalk boards, chart boards, chronometers, clocks, counters, desk lights, desks, display panels, gage weight shelves, gear lockers, key lockers, lockers, mail trays, office machines and equipment, offices, pigeonhole and stamp racks, pistol board (When located in office), plotting and status boards, safes, stool , tables, typewriters, visible index files, Crosscut shredder

0 Thumb 662

662 - Machinery Control Centers Furnishings

Includes equipment called out in 661 but located within machinery control centers. Machinery Control Centers Furnishings, machinery control centers

159 Thumb 663

663 - Electronics Control Centers Furnishings

Includes equipment called out in 661 but located within electronic control centers, furnishings

0 Thumb 664

664 - Damage Control Stations

Compartment check off list, damage control gear, damage control racks, damage control stations, damage control stations furnishings, hand lanterns, hingedleaf units, repair stations, spirit clinometer, spirit trim indicator, stools, tools, unit patrol stations.

2421 Thumb 665 hand tools

665 - Hand Tools

Portable hand tools: wrenches, hammers, bolt cutters, chisels, clamps, cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, levels, tube cutters,

260 Thumb 666 power tools

666 - Power Tools

Portable power tools: electric portable hammers, blow torches, electric drills, grinding machines, electric saws, sanders, sharpening machines, tube bending machines

185 Thumb 667 industrial machines

667 - Industrial Machinery and Tools

Presses, flexible shaft machines, bolt cutting machines, cable laying equipment, cement handling systems, industrial drilling machines, hydraulic machinery, metal working machines, trucks, tractors

21 Thumb screen shot 2014 12 03 at 8.03.00 pm

668 - 3D Printers

3D printers

77 Thumb 671

671 - Lockers & Special Stowage

Abandon ship lockers, adjustable metal dunnage, battens, bins, boxes, chemical defense lockers, cleaning gear lockers, deck gear lockers, drawers, enclosures, lockers, lockers for special purpose or occupational clothing (fire-fighting clothing and gear, foul weather gear, projection booth equip, damage control gear, athletic gear, protective equipment, landing party equipment, helmets, etc), Lockers for tools, gear, clothing, or equipment, not specifically covered by any other group or with items of variable load, miscellaneous equipment lockers, racks, shelves, special stowage.

24 Thumb 672

672 - Storerooms & Issue Rooms

Battens, bins, cabinets, chairs, counters, deck securing fittings, desks, drawers, gratings, issue rooms, lockers, racks, retainers, shelves, stools, storerooms, stowage fittings, tables, tools, gear, clothing, equipment stored within these spaces

0 Thumb 673

673 - Cargo Stowage

Battens, deck secure fittings, gratings, retainers, stowage fittings, cargo stowage

0 Thumb 691

691 - Special Hull Treatment

Special Hull Treatment (SHT)

77 Thumb 693 cleaning chemicals

693 - Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals, chemical-related fluids and liquids such as washing compounds, detergents, solvents

210 Thumb 694 sealant

694 - Sealants & Sealing Compounds

Sealants, seals, packing, caulking, fluid sealing compounds

794 Thumb 697 bearings bushings

697 - Bearings, Bushings, Wheels, Casters, & Gears

bushings, wheels, casters, gears, & non-propulsion-related bearings

0 Thumb 698

698 - Outfit & Furnishings Operating Fluids

Outfit and furnishings operating fluids

2157 Thumb 699 hardware

699 - General Hardware

Hardware, nuts, bolts, screws, clips, fasteners, gaskets, hinges, hooks, washers, nails, rings, rivets

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