0 Thumb 201

201 - Machinery Plant Central Control Systems

Control system, machinery plant central, general

0 Thumb 221

221 - Propulsion Boilers

Access doors, air preheaters, automatic boiler controls such as: piping, wiring, feed water control combustion control, and burner management system. Boiler casings, main boilers, burners, casing extensions, drains, drums (steam), economizers, external fittings, feed stop valves, furnace lighting tube fittings, inner and outer burner plate fronts, inspection hole fittings, internal desuperheaters, operating gear, panels, safety valves soot blowers, super heaters, valve easing gear, vents

99 Thumb 222

222 - Gas Generators

Gas generators

140 Thumb 223

223 - Main Propulsion Batteries

Main propulsion batteries, submarine emergency propulsion batteries, battery agitation, battery cell lifting equipment, battery coolers, battery handling gear in compartment, battery shunt, battery voltmeter system, battery walking flats, battery water tanks, battery well plenums, battery well recirculation fans, battery wells, buss caps buss work or cabling to circuit breakers or other isolation devices, cribbing electrolyte system h2 detectors and transmitters, jumpers, liners, main storage battery, meters, quick disconnects, temperature monitoring system

2 Thumb 224

224 - Main Propulsion Fuel Cells

Main propulsion fuel cells

0 Thumb 231

231 - Propulsion Steam Turbines

Bedplates, flexible connections between turbine and condenser, hull fasteners, inlet steam strainers, lifting gear, machinery guards, main turbines, operating gear, over speed trip device, permanent lifting padeyes, piping integral with propulsion units, remote throttle control system, resilient mounts, rotors, speed limiter, sub-bases, turbine components, turbine girders, steam propulsion turbines, turning gear separate from red

0 Thumb 232

232 - Propulsion Steam Engines

Propulsion engine sub bases, same as element 231 except for steam engines

549 Thumb 233

233 - Propulsion Internal Combustion Engines

Diesel engines, propulsion engines internal combustion, gasoline engines, integral support equipment, sub-base

0 Thumb 234

234 - Propulsion Gas Turbines

Integral support equipment, sub-base, propulsion gas turbine engine, turbine girders

0 Thumb 235

235 - Electric Propulsion

Exciters, propulsion dedicated generator, hull fasteners, integral components, thrust bearings integral components, lifting gear, machinery guards, propulsion motors, permanent lifting padeyes, propulsion cables, propulsion motors, sub-bases, terminals, propulsion motor, propulsion transformer, propulsion syncro converter, propulsion harmonic filter, propulsion dynamic breaking resister, propulsion rectifiers

2 Thumb 236

236 - Self-Contained Propulsion Systems

air motors, hydraulic motors, outboard motors, self- contained propulsion systems

0 Thumb 237

237 - Auxiliary Propulsion Devices

Auxiliary propulsion motors: electric disc brake, magnetic controllers, position indicators, retracting motors, training motors, loitering motors

203 Thumb 241

241 - Propulsion Reduction Gears

Auxiliary integral components, distance pieces, lifting gear, lifting padeyes, liners, machinery guards, oil pans, operating gear, reduction gear ventilation, reduction gears, turning gear including turning gear for turbines working through reduction gears, vapor pipes

37 Thumb 242

242 - Propulsion Clutches & Couplings

Auxiliary integral components, propulsion clutches, propulsion couplings, flexible couplings, heat exchangers, integral control equipment, lifting gear, operating gear, piping integral with propulsion clutches, shaft clutch (including integral flanges)

8 Thumb 243

243 - Propulsion Shafting

Bulkhead and stern tube stuffing boxes, composition and rubber sleeves, coupling, inflatable seals, intermediate and propeller (tail) shafting, lifting pads, line shaft, mechanical shaft seals, propulsion shaft brakes and control equipment, propulsion shaft locking gear, sand in shafting, shaft bearing glands, propulsion shafting, stern tube shafting

436 Thumb 244

244 - Propulsion Shaft Bearings

Angle drive, shaft bearings, integral components, lifting gear, line shaft bearings, machinery guards, operating gear, stern tube and strut bearings and bushings, strut bearings and bushings, thrust bearings (separately mounted)

0 Thumb 245

245 - Propulsors

Cycloidal propellers, propeller fairing nut, propeller nuts and caps, air propellers, water propellers, propulsors

0 Thumb 246

246 - Propulsor Shrouds & Ducts

Propulsor ducts, nozzles, pump jets, propulsor shrouds

36 Thumb 247

247 - Water Jet Propulsors

Inlet ducting, nozzles, outlet ducting, water jet propulsors, water jet pumps

0 Thumb 248

248 - Lift System Fans & Ducting

Distribution ducting, inlet ducting, outlet ducting, lift system fans

41 Thumb 249

249 - Podded Propulsors

Podded Propulsors

7 Thumb 251

251 - Combustion Air System

Air filters, air shutters, combustion air sys, expansion joints, forced air induced draft blowers: driving units, light off blowers, port use blowers. Intake and discharge duct assemblies, Louvers, piping control equipment, plenums, screens, silencers, splitter plates, superchargers, trunk and air ducts (non-structural), water separators

0 Thumb 252

252 - Propulsion Control System

Control consoles: Auxiliary, cargo fuel, damage control, electrical, propulsion, Data Acquisition Units DAU, Remote Terminal Units RTU

0 Thumb 253

253 - Main Steam Piping System

Back pressure regulators, bearing plates, bulkhead expansion joints, flexible connections, main steam piping system, spacer bars, steam generator bypass valves, steam generator cutouts, strainers, trap manifolds, traps, yokes

6 Thumb 254

254 - Condensers & Air Ejectors

Air ejectors( main, sstg and gland exhaust), cocks, gland exhaust condensers, main and sstg condensers(, exhaust fan motors, exhaust fans, liners, motor controllers( when not mounted on group control switchboard), separator tanks, sound mounts, vacuum pump motors, vacuum pump seal water cooler, vacuum pumps, main or sstg vent or air ejector condensers, wiring to main protective device

0 Thumb 255

255 - Feed & Condensate System

Booster feed pumps, castings, condensate coolers, condensate system, deairating feed tanks, demineralizers, dissolved oxygen indicators, feed system, feed water heaters, main condensate pumps, main feed pumps, manifolds, mechanical tank liquid level indicators, oil separators, operating gear, overpressure trips, oxygen and boiler water sample test equipment, regulators, salinity indicator cells, sludge chambers, solenoid valve actuators, sound mounts, strainers

0 Thumb 256

256 - Circulating & Cooling Sea Water System

Branch line to air ejector condenser, circulating sea water system, continuous drains, continuous vents, cooling sea water system, emergency bilge suction, expansion pieces, expansion tanks, hand pumps, injection and discharge piping, system for engines and motors, system for main and sstg condensers

64 Thumb 258

258 - HP Steam Drain System

Expansion joints, flexible connections, high pressure drain piping from the main steam system low pints up to and including the high pressure drain main, strainers, trap manifolds, traps

0 Thumb 259

259 - Uptakes (Inner Casing)

Access plates, diesel engine uptakes, eductors, expansion joints, gas turbine uptakes, grab rods, mufflers, rain gutters, silencers, uptake covers, uptakes, flapper valves

1 Thumb 261

261 - Fuel Service System

coolers, fuel tanks (when not built into hull structure), heaters, port use equipment, pressure regulators, purifiers, fuel service system, strainers

997 Thumb 262

262 - Main Propulsion Lube Oil System

Accumulators, after bearing drain tank, coolers, cycling switches, deairators, electrostatic precipitators, filters, float switches, flow tubes, heaters, instrumentation, main propulsion lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, piping to and from electrostatic precipitators, pressure switches, pulse traps, purification piping from sump tank to first valve, purifiers, reducers, sight flow glasses, strainers, sump tanks, tank sounding rods, thermometers, thermostatic switches

0 Thumb 263

263 - Shaft Lube Oil System

Accumulators, actuators, after bearing sump tank (only non-built-in tanks), clutch control pump coolers, cycling switches, electrostatic precipitators, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, gage boards, hand pumps, hull fasteners, instrumentation, Shaft lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, pressure switches, purification piping from sump tank to first valve, shaft lube oil pumps, sight flow gages, sight glasses, solenoid valves, strainers, sump tank heaters, sump tanks, thermostatic switches, transfer piping, wiring to main power protective device

0 Thumb 264

264 - Lube Oil Fill, Transfer, & Purification

cycling switches, discharge sump tanks ( not built- in), drip pans, electric heaters, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, hand pumps, instrumentation, lube oil fill connection, transfer and purification lube oil fill, lube oil purifiers, lube oil stowage tanks (not built-in), mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, purifier supply tanks (not built-in) sampling connections, sampling trays, settling tanks (not built-in) sampling connections, sampling trays, settling tanks ( not built-in), sight glasses, sludge tanks (not built-in), steam heaters inside tanks, thermostatic switches, transfer pumps, wiring to main power protective device, propulsion support systems (fuel and lube oil), lube oil fill, transfer, and purification

0 Thumb 265 machine guard

265 - Machinery Guards

Machinery guards

43 Thumb 271 gauges

271 - Gauges

Gauges, thermometers, & accessories

1 Thumb 298

298 - Propulsion Plant Operating Fluids

Propulsion operating fluids, water jet propulsion water within system

0 Thumb 299

299 - Propulsion Plant Repair Parts & Special Tools

Propulsion repair parts, special purpose tools, training devices

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