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With hundreds of years of combined experience in the marine industry, our staff offers extensive knowledge and insight into the challenges facing todays offshore & marine industries. The BMS team of OCIMF- OVID accredited inspectors , DP professionals, and marine representatives possess a multitude of skill sets on all manner of offshore assets ranging from TLP's and Spar units to some of the most highly sophisticated Dynamically Positioned drilling, construction, diving, and supply vessels in the industry.

BMS also has an intimate understanding of the criticality of selecting only the most qualified vessels and vessel operators from a charterers stand point. In today's demanding market BMS is uniquely qualified to assist both charterers as well as vessel operators to meet these challenges in the safest, most efficient, and profitable manner possible.

Our Services

Provided below is Baker Marine Solutions 2015 schedule of services for the various marine consulting, survey, & assurance services that we offer:

· DP FMEA, DP Operations Manual, PSTP, QFA/DVTP, Automation Test Procedures
·  DP FMEA and DP Operations Manual Gap Assessments as per MTS Guidance
·  DP Incident Investigations
·  DP Trials attendance (site or offshore)
·  OCIMF- OVID Inspections- Onshore

·  IMCA CMID / Small vessel Inspection Checklist Audits
·  Shore based Flotel Manager
·  Marine Representative Onshore

·  POB Coordinator
·  Tow Master
·  Fuel survey and certificate
·  Expert Witness
·  Report writing and document review
·  Project Management
·  Marine Survey Services (On & off hire/Suitability/ Damage/ Condition & Valuation)
·  AWO – RCP (inland tug audits)
·  SIMOPS Coordination Onshore/Offshore
·  SIMOPS Plan Development

Rates will be provided upon request.


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Inland Tug Audits (AWO-RCP)

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Tow Master

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Onshore Inspections OCIMF- OVID

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Project Management

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Shore Based Flotel Manager

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Marine Representative Onshore

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