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Everything you love about Casablanca is captured in the new collection. But the improvements are what make this line special.

- Our new line consists primarily of two motor types—DirectDriveTM and DC with some legacy XLP fans still available. Engineered to work flawlessly for the life of the fan, these high-end motors are ENERGYSTAR® qualified and at the top of their class in air movement. Yet, they’re among the industry’s most quiet designs.

- More choices doesn’t mean more complicated. Choose from a much larger variety of indoor and outdoor blade designs that allows you to customize with ease. All our new blade styles are compatible with all new fans, so you can mix and match to create a fan to complement any style décor.

- To help you find exactly what you want, we streamlined our lighting options. From fitters to accessory glass, all of our light fixtures work with all new fans. It’s easier than ever to find the perfect fixture to match your fan.

- The most innovative and popular features from all of our controls are now in one user-friendly device that works across all new Casablanca fans and caters to a wider range of budgets. Taking control of your fan just got a whole lot easier.

- Once we started to improve our line, we just kept going. Some new noteworthy items include: an easy-to-use internal hanging system, a decorative canopy and friendlier owner manuals.

- After four decades of making our name stand for fine quality and impeccable design, we chose to ensure our name was proudly displayed on all new Casablanca fans.

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