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Our main business activity is ship-assist services for the docking and undocking of ocean-going vessels and tug/barge combination units. Harbor tug services also comprise hourly towing, escort, hold-in and stand-by services as may be required. The scope of these operations encompasses the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) spanning five port jurisdictions as well as Gulfport, Mississippi where we do business as Gulfport Towing.

The tug fleet of 15 vessels features a blend of five modern tractor-class/equivalent tugs along with conventional twin screw tugs. Whatever the challenges that may be presented by the mighty Mississippi River, EN BISSO has the optimal equipment to service the varied needs of the diverse mix of cargo vessels that call in the country’s largest port complex.

E.N. BISSO also provides offshore towing and floating derrick crane services. Offshore towing work can be undertaken by seven tugs that are maintained in ABS class and certified for deep-sea towing. While offshore tug projects are typically worked in U.S. coastal waters, our tugs have gone further afield in recent years to include Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America.

E.N. BISSO’s Floating ‘Derrick JOE’ is stationed at our main New Orleans Fleet at Mile 102 LMR and deployed for specialized operations such as heavy lifts to/from vessels and for ocean going vessels’ anchor retrieval operations.

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