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Located near Cleveland, Ohio, EYE Lighting International is a leading provider of lamps and related lighting products. With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 20 years of being an innovator in our markets, EYE Lighting has introduced the latest technologies in High Intensity Discharge lamps, luminaires and related lighting products to designers, specifiers, utilities, municipalities, energy service companies, and end-users worldwide.

EYE Lighting’s high performance products are known for excellent color rendering, long-life, reliability, and superior quality… all testimonies to its ISO Certifications. EYE Lighting is the only lighting company in the world with an ISO 17025 accredited lab under the same roof as its manufacturing. Every day satisfied customers specify EYE Lighting products to reduce energy use, save money, and meet sustainability goals.

EYE Lighting is best known for meeting the customers’ demanding specifications and needs. Where most lighting manufacturers focus on high-run, standard products, EYE Lighting’s customers know they have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy their unique applications.

True Lighting™ gives credence to our engineering and R&D capability and our ability to design and manufacture lamps and luminaires that meet and exceed all the requirements for a customer’s specific application, whatever those requirements may be.

It supports our claim to offer high-performance, high-value lighting options – lamps that deliver high efficacy over their long life, excellent color rendering and application-specific form factors and luminaires with superior optical performance that effectively deliver light on task. However, it also recognizes that sometimes “true lighting” may be one that is extremely price-competitive for an application that does not necessarily require other performance attributes. In other words, sometimes our low-cost lighting solutions can be the right light for an application.

“True Lighting” suggests our willingness to work with our customers to find the truest, most effective lighting solution… whether it’s helping them through the process of creating the right specifications for their application, or developing custom solutions. It sums up our company, our products and our brand, because EYE Lighting gives you True Lighting.

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