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Fairbanks Morse Engine, based in Beloit, Wisconsin, USA, is a worldwide leader in engine technology and manufacturing. Since the company's founding in the 1870s, Fairbanks Morse Engine has produced a wide variety of products, including the Eclipse Windmill, the Train Master locomotive, and the first commercially successful gasoline engine in 1893.

Today, the core business goal of Fairbanks Morse Engine is to provide its customers with the highest quality diesel engines and generator sets, dual-fuel engine generator sets, and OEM parts and to back them all with world-class field service support. Primary markets include stationary power generation and marine propulsion.
Using the latest modeling software, we produce 3D models of our equipment to facilitate and optimize customer design. Our manufacturing operation is focused on lean design methodology and practices. Phase kitting, manufacturing, and assembly permit us to put priority on customer demands.

Our testing capability allows us to perform tests to stringent specifications. We recently completed a 500-hour qualification test to Navy specifications on the largest medium speed diesel engine manufactured in the U.S.A.

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