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Hubbell Incorporated, with a history dating back to 1888, began a series of acquisitions of prominent lighting businesses in 1963 that ultimately constituted Hubbell Lighting, Inc. In 2002, Hubbell acquired Lighting Corporation of America in one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the lighting industry, transforming Hubbell Lighting into one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America.

As a core business platform of Hubbell Incorporated, Hubbell Lighting draws great inspiration from the company's long history of proven performance since 1888 and its culture of new product innovation.

- Core technology organization focused on developing new lighting technologies
- Twenty three brands of practical, innovative products and services offer lighting solutions for virtually every application
- State-of-the-art research and development labs mean faster-to-market innovative product development
- Largest offering of LED residential and commercial fixtures recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

With a commitment to achieving excellence and a focus on being recognized as the best lighting company in the industry, Hubbell Lighting knows that exceptional customer support demands professionalism before and long after the sale. Our Customer Support service operates 8:00am - 8:00pm EST Monday - Friday, providing 60 hours per week of customer support, a level much higher than industry standards.

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We listened - access to Influencers is a challenge and penetrating new markets is tough. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to attract new customers.

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We listened - sourcing equipment is a pain and comparing equipment data online is impossible. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to fix that.

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We listened - calling, emailing and faxing numerous Vendors creates long exhaustive days. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful platform to streamline communication.