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Imtra Corporation is the leader in marine systems. Our focus on customer service, product development and quality products is what sets us apart. We support our customers by offering them the highest quality marine products which we source, prepare, deliver, and support with inventory, sales, engineering services and warranty coverage. With more than 50 years experience, Imtra has become the known reliable supplier to builders, repair yards, retailers, naval architects, as well as private yacht and vessel owners.

Imtra's strength begins with its people, from a management team with life-long involvement on the water to a highly trained national sales team. Both are backed by a readily accessible technical staff with extensive product, systems and manufacturing knowledge and a "can-do" order-handling operation at our headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

We maintain close contact with each regional commercial and recreational market using our own sales staff on the ground. We believe that every customer, whether large or small, should experience the same attention to detail and access to expertise for which Imtra stands unmatched in the industry.

Many of our products come from the most prominent makers and carry the strongest brands; others are less well known but just as excellent in their categories. We research each supplier, their capability for maintaining standards and their reliability for timely delivery. We also bring them our customers' special requirements and work mutually on innovative answers.

Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to Imtra to provide systems solutions to improve both their throughput and their overall quality. Our experience and resources help facilitate how many of our products can be linked, saving builders time and money while improving their boats and vessels.

At Imtra, we have built our business on having our products either in stock or with reliable schedules for delivery. With just-in-time manufacturing being implemented widely, our emphasis on this commitment can give you a critical advantage.

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We listened - access to Influencers is a challenge and penetrating new markets is tough. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to attract new customers.

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We listened - sourcing equipment is a pain and comparing equipment data online is impossible. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to fix that.

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We listened - calling, emailing and faxing numerous Vendors creates long exhaustive days. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful platform to streamline communication.