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Maxim Evaporators is now Maxim Watermakers. Maxim's legacy has and continues to be the development of technologies that meet the needs of the desalination industry. Maxim is not just evaporators anymore. We have expanded our technologies to meet the fresh water needs of our clients.

Maxim continues to offer the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly desalination technology on the market today. Our heat recovery evaporators utilize waste heat to make the highest quality fresh water from seawater, brackish water or contaminated fresh water. We provide water production capacities ranging from 192 GPD to 15,000 GPD. Custom engineered units are also available up to 500,000 GPD.

For routine maintenance of our heat recovery evaporators, we offer a line of thermal distillation cleaning solutions. MAX-Defense is used to prevent scale formation and fouling and is designed to be used in the chemical feed system. It is environmentally compatible and NSF approved under ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water applications. MAX-Descaler is designed to dissolve and remove scale. MAX-Control is designed to prevent corrosion that can occur as the result of acid cleanings. All of our cleaning solutions are non-hazardous.

Maxim offers two lines of seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems. The Sterling Series, Maxim's commercial marine line, offers water production capacities from 1,000 GPD to 10,000 GPD. Custom sizes are available. The Sterling Series offers clients quality & reliability, a competitive price point, and a short lead time for delivery. Maxim serves the oil and gas industry with our Titanium Series, offering water production capacities from 16,000 to 66,000 GPD. Custom sizes are available. For routine maintenance, Maxim offers a line of cleaning solutions including scale prevention & membrane cleaning solutions.

Maxim's product line has been expanded to include a line of brackish water reverse osmosis desalination systems with water production capacities from 150 to 432,000 GPD.

Maxim also offers waste water concentrators for application including, but not limited to: water produced from oil and gas wells; frac flowback; chemical processing plants; paper & pulp processing; textile mills; etc.

Maxim Watermakers provides a full array of engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance services. Maxim is committed to providing service after the sale and has established a worldwide service network. Our technical support can be reached via phone or email through both the factory and through our list of distributors.

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