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Mitsubishi Marine Engines cover from 429hp to 1,260hp and meet all the current EPA regulations. Our marine engines offer a variety of applications for the marine market.

Light Duty Application
Main Use: Pleasure Boats, Yachts, Patrol Boats, Fire Fighting Boats
Annual Engine Running Hours: Up to 3000hrs
Overhaul Period: 8,000 hrs or 3 years

Medium Duty Application
Main Use: Bay Area Tug Boats, Working Boats, Passenger Boats, Ferry Boats
Annual Engine Running Hours: Up to 6000hrs
Overhaul Period: 8,000~12,000hrs

Heavy Duty Application
Main Use: Fishing Boats,Cargo Boats,Pusher Boats
Annual Engine Running Hours: 6000~8000hrs
Overhaul Period: 12,000~16,000hrs

Mitsubishi engines have a worldwide reputation for reliability, fuel economy and long life and their long strokeand low compression reduces engine stress. Mitsubishi marine engines give you an average of 25% more iron than their competition. An engine with greater displacement is stronger. Its larger mass provides greater inner strength for higher reliability. Service friendly design saves maintenance cost and shortens machine downtime.

If you are looking for an engine that you can rely on day in and day out, Mitsubishi is here for you. Contact one of our distributors located within the maps on our distribution tab above. Our accredited representatives will serve you with the engine sales, parts or service you need.

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