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Nashville Bridge Company has been closely associated with the nation’s waterways for more than 100 years. From the design of barge accessories and deck fittings to the day-to-day commitment to customer service, NABRICO is one of the most highly respected names in the water transportation industry.

NABRICO started building bridges in 1902 and built its first piece of floating equipment for the U.S. Corps of Engineers in 1915. More than nine decades of experience, engineering and nautical expertise go into every piece of equipment built today. NABRICO is a major supplier of marine deck hardware on the river system as well as the offshore industry.

Over the years, NABRICO has been the "innovator" of the marine supply industry. The NABRICO deck winch and "Big Blue" barge moving winches along with a complete line of hand, electric, and hydraulic winches are prime examples of our ongoing commitment to excellence in design and quality. NABRICO is now producing Constant Tension Winches and other special winches using state-of-the art electric motors and controls. In addition, NABRICO offers a complete line of hatches, castings (bitts, kevels, chocks, D-Rings, Panama Canal chocks, etc.), watertight doors, and tank barge fittings (expansion trunks, drip pans, warning signs, small tanks, etc.). NABRICO has the capabilities to produce almost any of your needs.

There should be no hesitation in contacting NABRICO for your needs in barge moving systems or deck equipment, for either standard products or new designs. Just call NABRICO. It is a name on which you can rely.

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