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Norsafe AS - Jørgensen & Vik AS is one of the oldest boat-building companies in Norway. The company began building lifeboats in Grimstad on the south coast of Norway in 1903.

One of the founders of Jørgensen & vik, Mr Morten Smith-Petersen also began the DNV (Det Norske veritas) organisation in 1864. Since 1958 fi breglass has been used as building material, first for open boats, later totally enclosed lifeboats as well as free-fall boats and rescue boats.

Under new management since 1986, Jørgensen & vik AS relocated its operations in south Norway from Grimstad to Arendal in 1990. Today the company has three large factories in that area.

Due to global expansion a new company name was established in 1992, “Norsafe AS”. Since it was founded in 1903, Norsafe have supplied more than 22,000 lifeboats to the global ship and offshore market.

Norsafe’s range of survival products are famous as some of the most advanced in the market today. Our research and development centre in Færvik, Norway, strive to be in forefront of the development of effi cient life saving equipment at sea. Production Norsafe’s products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen, using the best materials and technology. The quality control is guaranteed by our experienced engineers, production staff and rigourous quality control procedures.

Standard, all products are designed and manufactured according to SOLAS, Classifi cation Society and National Authority requirements. All equipment has been approved and Wheel Marked in accordance with the EC Marine Equipment Directive

Norsafe service engineers have extensive experience with commissioning, and assure that the installation work is according to the customers and Norsafe specifi cations. There is great focus on helping the customer avoid costly delays.

It is necessary that marine life-saving systems are verifi ed to be working according to design requirements before beginning full time operation. Norsafe engineers should be onboard each and every installation to ensure that start up procedures are correctly completed before supporting the client with supervision of onboard testing in the presence of flag nation or class inspectors.

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