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Ouellet Canada, headquartered in l'Islet on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, designs, manufactures, distributes, and markets standard, custom-made, and distinctive products.

Ouellet Canada cultivates strong ties with its customers by always listening in order to understand their challenges and aspirations. Ouellet is known as a supplier of choice, providing products that meet customers’ needs and service that exceeds their expectations.

This ambitious goal requires a dedicated team of employees who strive every day to make Ouellet a company our customers rave about.

This business philosophy benefits all our partners, customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders alike.

Ouellet Canada Inc. had humble beginnings. Resourceful Charles-Émile Ouellet launched the business from a makeshift workshop in his home, but it wasn't long before the little business became much more than a backyard venture. B constantly pushing the limits of innovation and keeping research and production tightly focused on high-performance electrical heating products, Ouellet progressively conquered Quebec, Canadian, American, and overseas markets.

Today, with a highly qualified workforce of over 225 employees and 100,000 square feet of production facilities, Ouellet Canada serves the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and has become the uncontested North American leader in electric heating.

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OAC 1500W/240V 1 PH WH

Ouellet Electric Heating

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Ouellet Electric Heating

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Ouellet Electric Heating

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Ouellet Electric Heating

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We listened - access to Influencers is a challenge and penetrating new markets is tough. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to attract new customers.

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We listened - sourcing equipment is a pain and comparing equipment data online is impossible. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful database to fix that.

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We listened - calling, emailing and faxing numerous Vendors creates long exhaustive days. Therefore, we’ve built a powerful platform to streamline communication.