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Philips Lighting is a global market leader with recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative lighting solutions. We have pioneered many of the key breakthroughs in lighting over the past 123 years, laying the basis for our current strength and ensuring we are well-placed to be a leader in the digital transformation. We aim to further strengthen our position in the digital market through added investment in LED leadership while at the same time capitalizing on our broad portfolio, distribution and brand in conventional lighting.

We address people’s lighting needs across a full range of market segments. Indoors, we offer lighting solutions for homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories and hospitals. Outdoors, we offer solutions for roads (street lighting and car lights) and for public spaces, residential areas and sports arenas. In addition, we address the desire for light-inspired experiences through architectural projects. Finally, we offer specific applications of lighting in specialized areas, such as horticulture and water purification.

Philips Lighting spans the entire lighting value chain – from light sources, luminaires, electronics and controls to full applications and solutions – through the following businesses: Light Sources & Electronics, Consumer Luminaires, Professional Lighting Solutions, Automotive Lighting, and Lumileds.

Philips Lighting employs approximately 47,900 people worldwide.

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140087 65BR40/FL 130V 12/1 PRO

Philips Lighting Company

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140863 C50S68/M 3PK

Philips Lighting Company

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141077 6893P FEP (CP/77) 230V 1000W

Philips Lighting Company

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145649 HPL 575W 230V 10PK

Philips Lighting Company

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130419 7002Y 230V 10 PK

Philips Lighting Company

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314963 EPZ 50W 13.8V 50PK

Philips Lighting Company

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