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With more than 55 years of design and manufacturing experience, in-depth engineering talents, and a total in-house manufacturing capability, Precision Multiple Controls, Inc. has created an unsurpassed reputation for fine quality and dependability.

Today, Precision is a major producer of photocontrols and accessories for outdoor lighting applications, including our well known T-15 direct wire-in photocontrol, which has been a standard in the industry for many years.

Millions of Precision photocontrols have been installed throughout the world, and there’s no secret to their popularity – long term, trouble-free performance, in the most extreme field conditions.

Once a Precision photocontrol is installed, it can be relied upon to do the job without further attention. As the Sun sets, the photocontrol senses fading natural light, and the lights unfailingly go ON. As the Sun rises, daylight activates the photocontrol, and the lights go OFF. Simple – and yet, simply effective.

Whatever you need in light and time controls to save energy, you can depend on Precision. With our full staff of trained sales reps across the country, information on Precision’s complete line of controls is just a phone call away.

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