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Since 1992, Quiktron has provided quality cable connectivity solutions to Datacomm and telecommunication industries throughout North America. Known to many for the award winning RapidRun®, a complete audio/video system designed to save time and money while evolving with changing technology, Quiktron's commitment to providing unsurpassed technical service and support has gained the loyalty and favor of customers nationwide. We work exclusively through the industry's leading distributors to provide custom manufacturing of fiber optic and copper cable assemblies, as well as distribution of a wide range of products ranging from simple to complex, standard to custom. Combine all of this with facilities in four convenient locations, and it is easy to see why Quiktron is an industry leader in connectivity solutions.


- Known for our industry leading personalized customer service and consistency of delivering every step of the way
- Facilities in four convenient locations ensures you get product...FAST
- ISO 9001:2008 Certified - Compliant to the requirements of the Quality Management System set forth by the International Organization for Standardization
- RCDD Certified staff committed to bringing you the most personal, knowledgeable and timely service in the industry for ALL your product and installation needs
- Building and delivering unique solutions for high quality cable connectivity needs
- Stocked with a wide range of products ranging from simple to complex, standard to custom
- Hours of operation 7am – 6pm Monday – Thursday (CST) Fridays until 5:00

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