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The demands just keep getting tougher. For clever boat design and cost-effective boat production. And for secure, dependable and profitable operations on the water. The answer? A more complete Scania marine solution.

The new Scania marine solution is based on our marine engine range, and contains an array of flexible options regarding ratings, equipment, transmissions and instrumentation. This means cost-efficiency through simplicity and proven Scania dependability throughout your entire solution.

The Scania engine range illustrates the essence of our thinking: maximum uptime, proven reliability and outstanding operating economy. All this in compact and powerful packages built on Scania’s modular product system, which simplifies servicing and parts management, and facilitates individual specifications as well as volume production.

We want you to get the most out of your Scania engine. A non-compromise unit for power, reliability and economy. The solution is customised, ready-mounted transmissions from TwinDisc and ZF. Each configuration is tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Scania can provide the right cooling system for every need. The newly developed single-circuit solution is particularly easy to install, enabling cost-effective boat production and lower fuel consumption due to reduced weight.

Thanks to plug-and-play technology, the new Scania instrumentation is easy to connect to the engine’s CAN system, and easy to expand with additional units. Modular control panels, instrument panels and Scania EMS displays mean unlimited configurations for maximum on-board flexibility. The electrical system and instrumentation is type-approved by major associations.

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