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T&T Salvage, is a member of Teichman Group, committed to serving the emergency response needs of the shipping and energy industries under the highest standards of safety and quality. T&T Salvage operates one of the most extensive emergency response networks in the world. Pre-positioned throughout the United States, its territories, Singapore, Rotterdam, and South America, the Teichman Group of companies own and maintain a comprehensive inventory of state of the art fast response firefighting systems, inert gas generators, nitrogen generators, high capacity dewatering pumps, ship-to-ship (STS) lightering systems, anti-pollution systems, three-dimensional sonar, ROVs, and diving systems. The equipment is packaged so it can be rapidly transported by air, land or sea. The specialized portable assets are complemented by floating heavy lift and salvage support vessels ready to meet both routine and emergency response challenges.

T&T Salvage is a collection of world renowned Salvage Masters, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Diving experts, Firefighting, Pollution Control, and Cargo Lightering experts all ready to respond to the challenges faced by our customers around the world.

As part of the Teichman Group, T&T Salvage is part of a comprehensive service oriented organization, created and inspired by the legendary Rudy Teichman, who was considered a salvage industry leader, whose ingenuity, experience and dedication to improve his industry, business and community became the company’s best known trademark throughout the world. The professionals at T&T Salvage continue to share the same motivation of providing safe and cost-effective solutions to complex problems demanding quality salvage and wreck removal services.

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