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War expenditures, rapid technology and massive economic expansion spawned a Post WWII manufacturing boom. Entrepreneurs in all areas of manufacturing were seeking areas of opportunities and success. Our founder, Joe Thiel was no exception. He recognized the need to provide the automotive parts industry with precision metal stamping and established Thiel Tool and Engineering in 1945.

The company's specialty was the engineering and construction of custom progressive dies. The company's first location was at 14th and Market in North St. Louis, Missouri starting out with less than five employees. Early customers such as, Moog Industries, Federal Mogul, and Emerson Electric, were the first to benefit from Thiel’s expertise in precision metal stampings. Even in the beginning Thiel Tool & Engineering began to develop a reputation of doing the impossible and highly complex tooling became their niche. Difficult and highly complex tooling became their niche.

Due to demand and growth, it was not long before Thiel evolved into a full service custom die engineering, and precision stamping company. Thiel made the commitment and it continues today to provide leading edge process technology to maintain maximum efficiency and productivity.

Rapid growth in 1995 necessitated the investment of additional stamping presses, and the addition of a 26,500 sq foot facility.

In 2002 we became ISO 9001 certified.

Joe Thiel’s desire for perfection of the highest quality has continued to this very day, as Thiel cements its reputation for extremely difficult applications requiring a degree of technical expertise and old world tool and die craftsmanship not normally found in other shops.

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