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For more than 65 years, Universal Lighting Technologies (Universal) has been on the cutting edge of high efficiency lighting design, pushing the industry towards increasingly higher standards of energy efficiency for LED systems, lighting ballasts, and control systems.

Now a member of the Panasonic family of companies and held to the brand’s exceptionally high standards, Universal is committed to the highest quality, leading edge research and development. With this focus on excellence, and the Panasonic Lighting Group’s $8 billion in sales annually, Universal is positioned to be a leader in the lighting industry for years to come.

With a comprehensive product line and a team of experts standing by to customize its technology to your specific needs, Universal can provide the perfect lighting solution to maximize energy savings in any commercial or industrial application, including compact and linear fluorescent ballasts, HID and eHID ballasts, and the complete EVERLINE® family of LED light engines, modules, and drivers.

Universal also offers wireless DCL® Control Systems, the most cost-effective energy management system in the lighting industry today, as well as transformers, ignitors, capacitors, lampholders, and other luminary components.

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ELXc158.201 220-240V

Universal Lighting Technologies

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1-100W HPS S54 120 60Hz C&C Generic, Bracket

Universal Lighting Technologies

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(4) F32T8 PRS UNV High Efficiency Normal BF

Universal Lighting Technologies

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Universal Lighting Technologies

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Universal Lighting Technologies

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