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W. W. Cross Industries, Inc., continues a long-standing tradition for honesty, quality and professionalism, not only in our approach to manufacturing excellent products for the electrical industry, but also in striving to accommodate the needs of our customers and distributors.
It's a tradition that can be traced back to 1932, when Cross emerged as the world's leading supplier of shoe tacks, manufactured in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Today, Cross Industries produces premium quality electrical staples, conduit straps and other specialty fasteners in a modern manufacturing facility located in Canton, Ohio.

Among our most "preferred" products are our Viking staples. Engineered for easy, reliable installation and extra durability, Viking staples are distinguished in the industry by their heavy wire that drives better, holds more securely and resists bending -- qualities that make Viking staples the most "asked for" brand worldwide.

With a continuing commitment to expanding our product selection, Cross Industries also is proud to have recently introduced several innovations designed to help prevent arc faults or specifically engineered for multi-line cabling and structured wiring applications.

With every Cross product, you can be assured of our compliance with the highest industry standards as well as national, state and local code requirements. And you can be confident that we will stand by the reputation for Cross quality that now spans more than 70 years.

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